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Raymond MacDonald & Graeme Wilson: A Cast of Thousands

Read "A Cast of Thousands" reviewed by Duncan Heining

Raymond MacDonald and Graeme Wilson are two of the leading figures in the Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra. The music on Cast Of Thousands may be freely improvised but the emphasis here seems very much upon structure and form. One suspects that MacDonald and Wilson's lengthy experience playing together allows each man to trust the other and that ...


Michael Gibbs and the NDR Bigband: Back in the Days

Read "Back in the Days" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Michael Gibbs è il decano degli arrangiatori moderni per big band e rimane saldamente al primo posto anche per la sua fantasia nell'inventare soluzioni che sembrano in apparenza semplicissime ma che nascondono una vivace arguzia e un grandissimo mestiere abbinati ad un'anima appassionata e pura, degna di un artista vero che ha attraversato la storia del ...

Creative Sources

Read "Creative Sources" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

L'immagine che meglio riassume la produzione dell'etichetta portoghese Creative Sources Records, fondata da Ernesto Rodrigues [di cui puoi leggere l'intervista], è quella di un patchwork di cover in crescendo. Nella home page del sito Creative Sources Rodrigues ha, infatti, riprodotto un vero e proprio tabulato di immagini in continuo aggiornamento, che racchiudono le sue ed altrui ...


Michael Kaeshammer: Strut

Read "Strut" reviewed by Jerry D'Souza

Michael Kaeshammer studied classical piano when he was a child. By the time he entered his teens, he fell in love with boogie-woogie piano. Form then on, jazz and its diverse extensions captured his muse, and his first recording, 1996's Blue Skies, showcased that proclivity. Time saw the release of two more albums and now, with ...


Neil Pyzer: From the Bush to the Pridelands

Read "From the Bush to the Pridelands" reviewed by Dave Hughes

Multi-instrumentalist Neil Pyzer’s From the Bush to the Pridelands is an eclectic, multi-faceted outing which truly charts its own course. The program of all original compositions draws influences from Indian music (most prominently), contemporary jazz, new age, and numerous “world music” genres. Each piece has its own set of sonic textures, but common threads that run ...


Michael Karn Quintet: In Focus

Read "In Focus" reviewed by David A. Orthmann

Michael Karn’s maiden voyage as a leader reveals an accomplished tenor saxophonist who is capable of shaping the sound of a quintet like a veteran. His playing is influenced by Coltrane, Mobley, Gordon, and Henderson, but nonetheless has attained an impressive degree of individuality. Similarly, the band’s sound can be placed in the modern mainstream, and ...


Michael Wolff: Impure Thoughts

Read "Impure Thoughts" reviewed by Rob Evanoff

What say you? You have come before us with impure thoughts of what a jamband should be! You know better than that. Close your eyes and open your mind for many bands that truly jam were doing so decades before the term was coined. Michael Wolff has closed his and the result is heard in the ...


Michael Wolff: Impure Thoughts

Read "Impure Thoughts" reviewed by Jim Santella

Jazz has made great strides toward becoming a world music. Regional differences are like spices; they add something special to each song. When Duke Ellington’s orchestra first played “Caravan" for audiences, the exotic rhythm and harmony appealed to their sense of adventure. Similarly, when Miles Davis introduced “In A Silent Way," it brought that same desire ...


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