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The Maskit Chamber: Heaven Machine

Read "Heaven Machine" reviewed by Michael Askounes

Djam Karet member Gayle Ellett's side project - The Maskit Chamber - has managed to release two CDs in 2001, the weak “one-track pony" The 4th Wave, and today's subject for review, Heaven Chamber. Consisting of some decent guitar work totally ruined by uninspired composition, clichéd keyboards, and some very poor drum programming, Heaven Chamber turns ...


Acoustic Tales: The Archaic Revival

Read "The Archaic Revival" reviewed by Michael Askounes

OK, we're going to start today's review off with a riddle. Here goes:

What do you get when you mix blues guitar, Indian percussion, and new age violin?

A. A tasteful and delicate mesh of disparate world styles. B. A brain-splitting headache. C. Acoustic Tales' airey release The Archaic Revival D. McDonald's new “McScrapple" ...


Sonus Umbra: Snapshots from Limbo

Read "Snapshots from Limbo" reviewed by Michael Askounes

“Sonas Umbras" means something like “Shadow Sounds" in Latin (Just for the record, I think it means “Julio Scissors" in Swahili as well), and I must say that I couldn't think of a more fitting name for this Latin-tinged neo-prog outfit. Why does the name match the band? Well, it's simple... I still can't figure out ...


The Maskit Chamber: The 4th Wave

Read "The 4th Wave" reviewed by Michael Askounes

Ambient music. As a rule either you dig it, or you just don't get it. However, I've managed to find myself in the odd position of straddling the fence on this issue - I've heard some very cool ambient CDs such as Fayman/Fripp's Temple in the Clouds, and I've heard some stuff that quite frankly just ...


KBB: Lost and Found

Read "Lost and Found" reviewed by Michael Askounes

So... you say you like wacky time signatures? Like lots of keyboard runs and some serious musical virtuosity? Like CDs where all the songs clock in at over six minutes? Well, that's good because there's a hot item from Musea Records that should be on your “to buy" list courtesy of four incredibly talented musicians from ...


Patrimonio: Tryo

Read "Tryo" reviewed by Michael Askounes

Chilean progressive band Tryo's third release Patrimonio is a case where a mixture of many different influences - not the least of which is King Crimson - can somehow result in a whole that is in itself distinct and refreshing. Patrimonio is a well produced, well written example of how good progressive music can sound forward-thinking, ...


Hess: Opus 1

Read "Opus 1" reviewed by Michael Askounes

If I had a nickel for every fret-banging guitar virtuoso that released a CD filled with “monster RAWK chops" and warp speed arpeggios, I'd be a very rich man. Speed is certainly the most “showy" of guitar disciplines, but guitarists often forget that speed alone does not make an interesting piece of music. When every accelerated ...


Epos Group: Ilia

Read "Ilia" reviewed by Michael Askounes

Mixing traditional Russian folk tales with modern musical structures, Boheme Music's release “Ilia" by the Epos Group is an excellent presentation on how properly composed music and vocals can transcend languages, and deliver interesting and emotional content to even those who can't understand a word the singer is singing. “Ilia" is the musical re-telling of an ...


Pesniary: Gusliar

Read "Gusliar" reviewed by Michael Askounes

Eerie, cheesy, emotional, embarrassing - these are all words that accurately describe former Byelorussian folk outfit Pesniary's attempt to bring the epic poem Gusliar to the progressive rock arena. Unfortunately for the folks from the land of balalaikas, the bad outweighs the good in this attempt due to musical passages that are simply outdated. In the ...


Yulara: Future Tribe

Read "Future Tribe" reviewed by Michael Askounes

Smooth jazz. I must admit as a reviewer the smooth jazz genre has been the most difficult to break down because to my ear, it pretty much all sounds the same. You start off with a built-in Casio beat from your programmed drum machine, add some “smooth" jazzy light keyboards, the occasional sultry Sade-ish female voice, ...