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Iskra 1903: South on the Northern

Read "South on the Northern" reviewed by John Eyles

Paul Rutherford's trio Iskra 1903 existed in two different editions, both including Rutherford on trombone and Barry Guy on bass. The first (in existence from 1970 to 1974) added Derek Bailey on guitar, the second (from 1977 to 1995) Philipp Wachsmann on violin. Thanks largely to the efforts of Emanem (with a contribution from Guy's own ...


Is Jazz Dead? Or Is It Just Pining for the Fjords?

Read "Is Jazz Dead?  Or Is It Just Pining for the Fjords?" reviewed by Duncan Heining

Is Jazz Dead? (Or Has It Moved to a New Address?)Stuart Nicholson288 pages, softcoverISBN: 978-0415975834Routledge2005Stuart Nicholson's Is Jazz Dead? (Or Has It Moved To A New Address?) came out in 2005 and has proved a remarkably successful book for both author and his publisher. ...


Iskra 1903: Goldsmiths

Read "Goldsmiths" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Si deve alla passione e alla tenacia di Martin Davidson la pubblicazione postuma di questo concerto, tenuto al londinese Goldsmiths College nel 1972 dal trio Iskra 1903, all'epoca composto da Paul Rutherford, Derek Bailey e Barry Guy. Come le precedenti incisioni del gruppo edite dalla Emanem (Chapter One e Buzz Soundtrack) anche questo CD non suona ...


Will The Real Joe Harriott Please Stand Up?

Read "Will The Real Joe Harriott Please Stand Up?" reviewed by Duncan Heining

The Jamaican saxophhonist Joe Harriott was, without doubt, one of the most important and innovative jazz musicians to emerge in Britain in the fifties and early sixties. He arrived in Britain in 1951 with Ozzie Da Costa's band, which was en route for an engagement in Germany playing US army bases. Much to his erstwhile boss's ...


Iskra 1903: Goldsmiths

Read "Goldsmiths" reviewed by Raul d'Gama Rose

Iskra is the name of a group comprised of ingenious British improvising musicians on the very edge what is idiomatically modern. Iskra is Russian for “spark," and also happens to have been the name of the paper that Lenin edited before the Russian Revolution. Add to the equation Goldsmiths, a venue for their breathless, expressive music. ...


Iskra 1903: Goldsmiths

Read "Goldsmiths" reviewed by John Eyles

The years 2010 and 2011 have already been a bumper period for re-releases of '70s improvised music--notably Emanem's Teatime and Life amid the artefacts--plus unreleased Derek Bailey (on More 74, Concert in Milwaukee and Scrutables). Now, after some delay, comes Goldsmiths, which could well be the pick of the bunch. It consists of a 67-minute live ...


Iskra 1903: Chapter Two: 1981-3

Read "Chapter Two: 1981-3" reviewed by John Eyles

This is only the third triple CD set ever released by Emanem--and two of the three are by Iskra 1903. Chapter One: 1970-1972 focussed on the first edition of Iskra, with Derek Bailey, Barry Guy and Paul Rutherford. The second incarnation of the group replaced Bailey with Philipp Wachsmann and ran from 1977 until 1995. (A ...


Iskra 1903: Chapter Two: 1981-3

Read "Chapter Two: 1981-3" reviewed by Nic Jones

Some titles are more apt than others. Iskra 1903 has spanned the decades as a working group, and this edition was recorded at gigs back in the early 1980s. Dates, however, seem irrelevant, as this music is essentially unbounded by the constraints of both time and place. The titular Chapter Two refers practically to the revision ...


Iskra 1903: Frankfurt 1991

Read "Frankfurt 1991" reviewed by AAJ Staff

Iskra 1903, for those not in the know, is the name of a poorly-documented improvising trio consisting of trombonist Paul Rutherford, violinist Philipp Wachsmann, and bassist Barry Guy. They played together for nearly two decades, yet only one available recording documents their work together: an eponymous '92 disc on Maya. Emanem to the rescue--for this release, ...


Iskra 1903: Chapter One 1970-1972

Read "Chapter One 1970-1972" reviewed by Robert Spencer

Iskra 1903, named after a newspaper founded by Lenin, has had several incarnations. This one, as befits a disc entitled Chapter One, was the first: Paul Rutherford (trombone and piano), Derek Bailey (guitar), and Barry Guy (double bass). The first revelation is that Rutherford plays piano, and that he's a worthwhile improviser on that instrument. The ...


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