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Nate Najar: This Is Nate Najar

Read "This Is Nate Najar" reviewed by Edward Blanco

Hailing from St. Petersburg, FL, guitarist Nate Najar unveils his third full length recording for the Candid Records label on the simply-titled This Is Nate Najar where he touches on the music of Chick Corea and Antonio Carlos Jobim as well as delivering a straight jazz sound with several cover tunes and a couple of originals. ...


Kyle Eastwood: Songs From The Chateau

Read "Songs From The Chateau" reviewed by Bruce Lindsay

Kyle Eastwood's career encompasses the writing of film soundtracks, as well as the life of a jazz composer, bandleader and bassist. On those seemingly rare occasions when he isn't working, Eastwood spends much of his time in France. Songs From The Chateau is his fifth album since 1998's debut, From There To Here (Sony), and his ...


Air: Air Raid

Read "Air Raid" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Tempi felici per i threadgilliani. Quasi in contemporanea con This Brings Us to Volume II (sequel al giustamente celebrato This Brings Us to Volume I) e a pochi mesi dall'uscita del mega-imperdibile-cofanetto-feticcio della Mosaic sul periodo Novus e Columbia (Novus & Columbia Recordings of Henry Threadgill & Air), arriva come manna dal cielo la ristampa Candid del secondo disco ...


Kyle Eastwood: Metropolitain

Read "Metropolitain" reviewed by Jim Santella

Recorded in Paris, Kyle Eastwood's Metropolitain achieves an original jazz sound that combines the tradition of his father, Clint's record collection with a new generation of influences. He hasn't fallen prey to any gimmicks of style and is carving out his own musical voice with elements that combine to appeal to a broad audience. Anyone who ...


Sheila Cooper: Tales of Love and Longing

Read "Tales of Love and Longing" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Tra le vocalist emerse nell'ultimo decennio la canadese Sheila Cooper è certo una delle più interessanti. Dotata di un timbro cool e di un incedere sofisticato, dall'attenta e delicata misura espressiva, la Cooper si colloca nel più nobile filone delle cantanti bianche degli anni cinquanta, da June Christy ad Helen Merrill. Eccezione tra le sue colleghe, la vocalist è ...


Sheila Cooper: Tales of Love and Longing

Read "Tales of Love and Longing" reviewed by Michael P. Gladstone

This is a most impressive album from Sheila Cooper, accompanied by pianist Fritz Pauer. The identity issue here is further complicated by the fact that alto saxophonist Cooper/vocalist Cooper makes this recording a veritable trio album by virtue of her musicianship.

Cooper, originally from Canada, is now based in Vienna, Austria, pairing with Pauer ...


Keith Shadwick: Free Time

Read "Free Time" reviewed by Chris May

Keith Shadwick--the well loved British journalist and author who passed away on July 28, 2008--was in his early twenties a jazz and jazz/rock musician playing saxophone, flute and piano. Then based in Australia, Shadwick was a founder member of the Sydney group, Sun.

Managed by Horst Liepolt (who later ran Sweet Basil's in New ...


The Blessing: All Is Yes

Read "All Is Yes" reviewed by Frederick Bernas

One of the most sideways-thinking groups on the vibrant UK jazz scene, The Blessing are rapidly expanding outwards from their Bristol home. Signed on a three-album deal to Candid Records, the band has just completed a successful UK tour to promote the first in the series, All Is Yes.

The title fits. It's evident that a ...


Cal Massey: Blues to Coltrane

Read "Blues to Coltrane" reviewed by Samuel Chell

This is the only recording by the luckless, quasi-legendary trumpeter-composer Cal Massey, whose elliptical, often anonymous career can be a challenge to piece together. Some close followers of the music are aware of the late musician, at least by name, because of “These Are Soulful Days," a composition programmed by trumpeter Lee Morgan (Lee-Way, Blue Note, ...


Max Roach: We Insist! Freedom Now Suite

Read "We Insist! Freedom Now Suite" reviewed by Chris May

Re-released following the passing of drummer Max Roach in August 2007, We Insist! Freedom Now Suite (Candid, 1960) remains a work of enduring musical and social importance. Notwithstanding Roach's central role in the creation of bop, or his later hard bop explorations with trumpeter Clifford Brown, it is, by some margin, the most perfectly realised album ...