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FatDog: New Found Land

Read "New Found Land" reviewed by Alberto Bazzurro

Musicisti scandinavi e britannici convergono in questo sestetto, che perlustra spazi folklorici di chiara matrice nordeuropea. L'impatto iniziale è molto felice, poi ci si assuefa un tantino, e l'eccessiva presenza di episodi vocali (spesso ripetitivi) contribuisce a smarrire, ad appiattire un minimo le ottime risultanze (e sensazioni) iniziali.

Gli episodi più convincenti coincidono ...


Various: The Rough Guide to Salsa Dura NYC

Read "The Rough Guide to Salsa Dura NYC" reviewed by Ian Patterson

The Latin melting pot that was New York in the 1960s and 1970s gave rise to salsa dura, or hard salsa. The neighborhoods of Brooklyn, Queens and the South Bronx were teeming with immigrants from Cuba, Puerto Rico and South America, who brought together their instruments, fused their rhythms and voiced their social concerns in a ...


Various Artists: Rough Guide to the Blues

Read "Rough Guide to the Blues" reviewed by Robert R. Calder

It's not clear whether this CD has been compiled with the idea of it being listened to or as some kind of token or souvenir. You can have your own copy of Mamie Smith's “Crazy Blues," the first ever Blues recording? It would have been better, in representing the so-called Classic Blues, to have included Ida ...


Various Artists: The Rough Guide To Planet Rock

Read "The Rough Guide To Planet Rock" reviewed by AAJ Staff

Here's an interesting first: after a long string of successful compilations in the Rough Guide world music series, one that actually falls flat. The subject matter could not be broader--there is probably no single international genre as enormous and diverse as rock. So what went wrong? Johannes Heretsch, the veteran DJ and Berlin radio host who ...


Tito Puente: The Rough Guide to Tito Puente

Read "The Rough Guide to Tito Puente" reviewed by Norman Weinstein

There are a hell of a lot of Tito Puente compilations on the market, with those on the Rhino and Concord labels leading the pack, so you may wonder about the sagacity of checking out yet another one. The good news is that The Rough Guide to Tito Puente is well worth your time, simply because ...


Various Artists: The Rough Guide to Boogaloo

Read "The Rough Guide to Boogaloo" reviewed by Chris May

Subtitled “Latin dance with New York attitude," this wonderful, wonderful album presents eighteen choice cuts from the boogaloo craze which ruled New York's barrios in the late '60s. They will make you feel good, feel strong, make your whole body want to dance and give you heart for tomorrow, just like they did for the kids ...


Various Artists: The Rough Guide to Dub

Read "The Rough Guide to Dub" reviewed by AAJ Staff

Jamaica's greatest musical ambassador may have been the late Bob Marley, whose birthday is a national holiday and who continues to sell records in the zillions, god bless his soul (and his estate's massive fortune). The lilting rhythms of reggae have infiltrated popular music around the globe in ways that even Marley could not have imagined, ...


Various Artists: The Rough Guide to Mediterranean Caf

Read "The Rough Guide to Mediterranean Caf" reviewed by AAJ Staff

The title of this compilation is something of an invention, but it's a good idea and deftly realized. To the extent that the vast area bounded by the shores of the Mediterranean can be adequately sampled on one disc, this collection does the trick: sixteen tracks totaling a generous 76 minutes bring together music from fourteen ...


Various: The Rough Guide to South African Jazz

Read "The Rough Guide to South African Jazz" reviewed by Ed Kopp

To Americans, the sound of South African jazz is both oddly familiar and wonderfully exotic. The familiar aspect is easy to explain: From Louis Armstrong onward, American artists have exerted a strong influence over South Africa's pop and jazz musicians. Genres as diverse as doo-wop, R&B and bebop have all been incorporated in South African jazz. ...