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Various: Nu Yorica!, Nu Yorica 2!, Nu Yorica Roots!

Read "Nu Yorica!, Nu Yorica 2!, Nu Yorica Roots!" reviewed by Steve Hanson

Latin American music has enjoyed more exposure than it has been used to recently. The Salsa craze (line dancing for snobs the cynics say) and Buena Vista Social Club, (you’ve seen the film, now buy the CD’s and read the book) have all raised its profile - which can only be a good thing. (We’ll leave ...

Gilles Peterson & Norman Jay: Desert Island Mix

Read "Desert Island Mix" reviewed by Steve Hanson

“Desert Island Discs", that peculiarly conservative British institution is here applied as a question to two of England's coolest DJ's. “Okay boys you're going Crusoe, just what records will you take? Limited to, ooh, about a CD's worth of tracks".

Gilles is first to raise his hand, laying down a near-flawless mix of funk and soul ...

James Brown: Foundations of Funk

Read "Foundations of Funk" reviewed by Steve Hanson

James Brown initially invented step and repeatae funk with 'Please Please Please' (not present here). Even the title summed it up. Bang. Bang. Bang. Which is pretty much how 'Cold Sweat', 'It's a New Day' and 'Ain't It Funky Now' go on this glorious compilation. But not in straight 4/4 time obviously, these tracks are performed ...