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Anoushka Shankar: Reflections

Read "Reflections" reviewed by Nenad Georgievski

Over twenty years, Anoushka Shankar has grown into one of the world's leading sitarists. She has long been omnivorous in her musical tastes and this has resulted in a journey without borders. A daughter and student of the late Ravi Shankar, who almost single handedly introduced Indian music to Western musicians and audiences, she has nonetheless ...


Víkingur Ólafsson: Philip Glass – Piano Works

Read "Philip Glass – Piano Works" reviewed by C. Michael Bailey

Captain Obvious once said, “The appeal of Philip Glass' music is its simplicity." The minimalist school, which includes Glass, as well as La Monte Young, Terry Riley, and Steve Reich, produces music that uses limited or minimal musical materials, or as defined by composer Tom Johnson, as ..."any music that works with limited or minimal materials: ...


Max Richter: Three Worlds: Music From Woolf Works

Read "Three Worlds: Music From Woolf Works" reviewed by Nenad Georgievski

Since his debut record Memoryhouse, composer Max Richter has consistently delivered music of unquestionable beauty and depth. Over the years, he forged a unique path that saw him melding classical contemporary music with electronic and the result to that was always an engaging progression of various works that went back and forth between the familiar and ...


Avi Avital: Vivaldi

Read "Vivaldi" reviewed by C. Michael Bailey

On his debut recording, Bach (2013, Deutsche Grammophon), mandolinist Avi Avital played a pristine, clinically punctilious JSB. It is therefore no surprise that Avital moves a little earlier in the Baroque Era to produce a very similar collection by Antonio Vivaldi. Avital is an Israeli born in 1978 who took part in a local mandolin youth ...


Kate Lindsey, Evan Rogister, Ensemble LPR, Paul Muldoon: Mohammed Fairouz: Follow, Poet

Read "Mohammed Fairouz: Follow, Poet" reviewed by C. Michael Bailey

The sacred German record label, Deutsche Grammophon, is thinking outside the box. Deep in the traditional classical fare, DG is certainly a discographic force to reckon with. But one can only do so much with Bach, Beethoven and Brahms. Universal Music Classics president and CEO Elizabeth Sobal conceived the idea of a marriage between words and ...


Avi Avital: Bach

Read "Bach" reviewed by C. Michael Bailey

Johann Sebastian Bach never composed for the mandolin. And that never stopped any mandolin players from appropriating Bach's work, especially for lute. Punch Brothers' Chris Thile recently released his take on the first half of Bach's Sonatas and Partitas for Solo Violin (Nonesuch, 2013), and is merely the latest non-classical artist to take on the great ...


Sting: If on a Winter’s Night

Read "If on a Winter’s Night" reviewed by Nenad Georgievski

Usually, winter is seen as a time of darkness, cold, and depression; a time of solitude and sometimes dislocated isolation. It is a time of stillness when all nature sleeps and everything is subdued. But it is also a time of renewal, a cleansing and a periodic cycle before everything awakens. The winter is also time ...


Sting: If on a Winter's Night...

Read "If on a Winter's Night..." reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Stai per cominciare ad ascoltare il nuovo CD di Sting, If on a Winter's Night.... Rilassati. Raccogliti. Allontana da te ogni altro pensiero. Lascia che il mondo che ti circonda sfumi nell'indistinto. Meglio ancora se fuori nevica. Meglio ancora se l'inverno bussa alla tua porta. Prendi la posizione più comoda: seduto, sdraiato, raggomitolato, coricato. Non che t'aspetti qualcosa di ...


Elvis Costello: My Flame Burns Blue

Read "My Flame Burns Blue" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Elvis Costello sembra essere l’uomo per tutte le stagioni. Da artefice strampalato e geniale, prima nel periodo punk (My Aim Is True), poi nella stagione della new wave più raffinata (Get Happy!!, Imperial Bedroom), poi ancora con le grandi collaborazioni (Paul McCartney, Burt Bacharach) e infine con i progetti collaterali (Brodsky Quartet, Bill Frisell) che lo ...


Andre Previn/David Finck: We Got It Good and That Ain't Bad

Read "We Got It Good and That Ain't Bad" reviewed by Dave Nathan

Andre Previn - or more accurately, Sir Andre, given the knighthood bestowed upon him by Queen Elizabeth in 1996 - is one of the very few pianists who moves back and forth between jazz and classical music with ease. Others of note are Keith Jarrett and, to a lesser extent, Mel Powell. There has been considerable ...