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Tortoise: The Catastrophist

Read "The Catastrophist" reviewed by Enrico Bettinello

Tornano i Tortoise e subito gli affezionati della prima ora iniziano a sudare freddo.
Non è infatti che i lavori del gruppo di Chicago prodotti nel nuovo millennio avessero convinto troppo, impelagati in una terra prog-fusion in cui si stentava a rintracciare l'urgenza dei primi, fantastici dischi.

Sebbene infatti, anche in ...


Wooden Shjips: Back To Land

Read "Back To Land" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

This West Coast nouveau psychedelic space-rock based unit has refined its oeuvre a bit. The moveable wall of sound remains intact, however a tad more concentration in melodic content advances the group to another level that would conceivably increase its scope of awareness within the college and satellite radio circuits. Nonetheless, the band has amassed a ...


Arbouretum: Coming Out Of The Fog

Read "Coming Out Of The Fog" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

Hailing from Baltimore, MD, Arbouretum purportedly enjoys a hefty fan base overseas, but for those unfamiliar with the band, Coming Out of the Fog is most assuredly a good place to start. Framed by a sense of ominous regality amid lead guitarist Dave Heumann's nervy, prophetic, and authoritative vocal delivery, the plan of attack is partially ...


kandodo: kandodo

Read "kandodo" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

Multi-instrumentalist Simon Price offers shades of vintage Brian Eno ambient-electronica, with psychedelic hooks and minimalist terrestrial planes, via his one-man solo effort, bearing the group moniker kandodo. He also intersperses an off-center new age vibe into the grand mix via oscillating guitar parts, thought-provoking textural components and tasteful themes sprinkled throughout.

“Lord Hyena, ...


Jeff Denson: Secret World

Read "Secret World" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

È il momento dei contrabbassisti/compositori/arrangiatori. Dopo Linda Ho e Matt Ulery, usciti dal laboratorio Greenleaf di Dave Douglas, dopo Eivind Opsvik, norvegese d'origine newyorchese d'adozione, ecco Jeff Denson da Washington D.C.. Curiosità, eclettismo, rispetto dell'insegnamento dei grandi maestri, capacità di andare oltre la tradizione senza venir meno ai suoi canoni fondamentali, forte attrazione e coinvolgimento verso la musica accademica, sono le ...


White Hills: Frying on this Rock

Read "Frying on this Rock" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

Among other things, the New York City-based space rockers White Hills will give any stereo system a workout by pushing the limits of acceptable sonic distortion, sort of like a proving grounds for aural integrity. Unabashedly loud, and progressing with a massive wall-of-sound approach, this album tenders a psycho-rock brew tinged with thrashing guitar licks amid ...


Wooden Shjips: West

Read "West" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

Derived from America's western mythology and romanticism, the San Francisco-based Wooden Shjips incorporates vintage psychedelics, propelled by punchy back-beats amid Sonic Youth-style crunch chords and doses of German space-rock. However, the musicians do seed familiar turf into an identifiable group-focused line of operations. Perhaps a throwback to the '70s, due to Farfisa organ sounds and dreamy ...

Alexander Tucker: Dorwytch

Read "Dorwytch" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

Adventurous British multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Alexander Tucker celebrates his freshman release for Chicago-based Thrill Jockey Records. Tucker is a sound-sculptor, known for his collaborations with like-minded musicians who skirt the edge of rock, minimalism, electronica and other mediums, where fundamentals transcend into embryonic vehicles. Here, Tucker brandishes a chamber-tinted, anti-pop program, resplendent with memorable material and ...


Chicago Underground Duo: Boca Negra

Read "Boca Negra" reviewed by Chris May

Drummer Chad Taylor's and cornetist Rob Mazurek's intention with Boca Negra is to present the listener with “an emotional experience that transcends the idea of genre or label." The principle of inclusiveness starts with the recording location, Sao Paulo in Brazil, and continues through to the album's packaging: the cover shot was taken on the shore ...


Tortoise: Beacons Of Ancestorship

Read "Beacons Of Ancestorship" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

Part of the Chicago-based Tortoise's appeal and loyal following is fabricated upon its many-sided musicality, where bits and pieces of retro psychedelia, Euro space-rock, pop overtones and Pink Floyd type walls-of-sound come to fruition. Through it all, and somehow or another, the band propagates a singular identity via probing fuzz-toned guitars, deep bass grooves, streaming synth ...