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Leeroy: Fela Is The Future

Read "Fela Is The Future" reviewed by Chris May

Giving DJs license to reassemble recordings made by the auteurs of an earlier generation is a risky business. The remix of Miles Davis's “In A Silent Way" on Sony's 1999 album Panthalassa: The Remixes, for instance, moved one of the authors of the Penguin Guide To Jazz Recordings to write: “DJ Cam should be horsewhipped." Which ...

The Bryan Ferry Orchestra: The Jazz Age

Read "The Jazz Age" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Dal giorno della sua pubblicazione mezzo mondo editoriale musicale è pieno di commenti entusiastici relativi a The Jazz Age, e le famose 4 o 5 stelle si sprecano. Bryan Ferry ci è simpatico e troviamo pure questa idea fondamentalmente divertente e corroborante ma pregherei quel mezzo mondo di scendere con i piedi per terra. Il signor ...


Tom Harrell: Wise Children

Read "Wise Children" reviewed by Jim Santella

Adding four exceptional vocalists to his program, trumpeter Tom Harrell takes the listener on a journey through time and space. Contemporary world music, 30-year-old funk, swinging stage band arrangements, and the burning presence of his horn, color Harrell’s program with authority. The ten pieces are his compositions. The quintet, which includes Jimmy Greene, Xavier Davis, Ugonna ...


Tom Harrell: Wise Children

Read "Wise Children" reviewed by Eric J. Iannelli

The nicest thing you could say about trumpeter Tom Harrell's Wise Children, unfortunately, is that you've heard it all before. "Straight to My Heart" with guest diva Dianne Reeves sounds like every smooth jazz ballad put to tape during the 1970s and '80s; and its irritating blandness is merely exacerbated by some abysmally cliché lyrics penned ...


Andy Summers: The Last Dance of Mr X.

Read "The Last Dance of Mr X." reviewed by AAJ Staff

Though perhaps best (or at least better) known for his work with The Police, guitarist Andy Summers seems to be doing rather well for himself these days. He may not be filling arenas and attracting screaming teenage girls, but their mothers can scream pretty loud as well, and as it is to them that Mr. Summers ...


Soundtrack: I Am Sam

Read "I Am Sam" reviewed by Ashley King

If I Am Sam falters upon its recent release, it has something to fall back on: superb music. And a “sound” soundtrack is a bragging right that not every film can claim.

As if a collection of Beatles covers was not enough, the record features some of the most dynamic bands and singer-songwriters on the current ...


Little Feat: Extended Versions: The Encore Collection

Read "Extended Versions: The Encore Collection" reviewed by C. Michael Bailey

Little Feat not exactly batting a thousand.

Ain't Had Enough Fun (1995) and Live From Neon Park (1996) were two releases by the reunited Little Feat, sans Lowell George, released on Zoo Records. Zoo Records is a subsidiary of RCA, now a part of Bertelsmann, explaining the BMG Special Products Label gracing the Little Feat Extended ...

Pablo Ziegler: Quintet For New Tango

Read "Quintet For New Tango" reviewed by AAJ Staff

Life is full of surprises, and things aren't always what they appear to be on the surface. Many hidden mysteries are waiting to reveal themselves to the ones who seek them out. There will be times when you expect everything, and you get nothing. But there will also be times when you expect nothing, and you ...

Chuck Wayne: String Fever

Read "String Fever" reviewed by Mike Neely

The re-mastering and release of Chuck Wayne's String Fever should begin to focus attention on a musician who was not only a brilliant guitarist but also a subtle and significant composer/arranger. On this recording Wayne became the first jazz guitarist to front a big band. He is the main soloist. He also conducted and arranged all ...


Pablo Ziegler: Quintet for New Tango

Read "Quintet for New Tango" reviewed by Jack Bowers

I’m no expert on the tango, but I do know that to most partisans of that Argentinean music and dance, the words “tango” and “Astor Piazzolla” are practically inseparable. The inescapable question, following Piazzolla’s passing in July 1992, was, where does the tango go from here? The answer, says pianist Pablo Ziegler, a member of Piazzolla’s ...