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Meet Mark Weber

Read "Meet Mark Weber" reviewed by Tessa Souter and Andrea Wolper

Almost every aspect of Mark Weber's life ends up intersecting with jazz; he just might be the original Renaissance jazz fan. A former wedding photographer, he found himself photographing nearly every jazz musician to pass through Los Angeles and Albuquerque in the past several decades and, without planning to, ended up writing for CODA, deejaying a ...


Tristan Honsinger - Massimo Simonini: Call Me Us

Read "Call Me Us" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Il raccolto e restaurato teatro Petrella di Longiano è solito ospitare prove e anteprime di mirati spettacoli teatrali. In questo caso, il 16 e 17 luglio 2003, ha costituito il bozzolo avvolgente che ha favorito la gestazione creativa del duo Honsinger-Simonini. Non è facile, e forse nemmeno giusto, tentare di descrivere che cosa succede in questo CD: un unicum, ...


ICP Orchestra: Jubilee Varia

Read "Jubilee Varia" reviewed by Robert Spencer

Misha Mengelberg has never gotten the recognition he deserves; this new release from his ICP (Instant Composers Pool) Orchestra is yet another indication of how much recognition he does indeed deserve.

Mengelberg is a premier pianist with a superb skill for instant composition. He manages to create coherent wholes out of the sounds of utter surprise. ...