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Andrea Centazzo - Roberto Ottaviano: In a Rainy Day

Read "In a Rainy Day" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Trentacinque anni dopo il loro primo incontro e venticinque dopo la loro ultima collaborazione, Andrea Centazzo e Roberto Ottaviano tornano a suonare assieme, mettendo splendidamente a frutto le loro esperienze, nel tempo ben differenziatesi ma non per questo difficili da coniugare. In a Rainy Day è stato registrato nel giugno del 2012 a Bologna, ma è poi ...


Andrea Centazzo: Moon in Winter

Read "Moon in Winter" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Moon in Winter mette i risalto le grandi qualità di Andrea Centazzo come batterista/percussionista e come compositore. Le dieci tracce sono suddivise tra duetti, che vedono coinvolti il leader e un musicista a turno, trio, e brani a pieno organico, quelli denominati “Moon in Winter," numerati progressivamente. Ma anch'essi sono organizzati come scatole cinesi che si compongono e ...


Sex Mob: Dime Grind Palace

Read "Dime Grind Palace" reviewed by Mark Corroto

Sex Mob has always been more vaudeville than Lincoln Center Jazz. But they are also, I would argue, more Ellingtonian than Wynton and his Duke-wannabes.

The far-flung outfit was started in 1998 by slide trumpeter Steven Bernstein as a vehicle for his popular culture standup jazz act. Before The Bad Plus and Brad ...


Hasidic New Wave: From The Belly Of Abraham

Read "From The Belly Of Abraham" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

These New York City “downtown” denizens generally rouse our interest via their distinguishable brand of Klezmer and modern jazz. With its fifth release, “Hasidic New Wave” brings in the Senegalese-based “Yakar Rhythms” percussion group to help fabricate a world-beat sound that signifies a new dimension for this always-investigative outfit. On “Waaw-Waaw,” trumpeter, Frank London and saxophonist, ...


Hasidic New Wave: Kabalogy

Read "Kabalogy" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

Trumpeter Frank London and saxophonist Greg Wall convey a bit of humor while describing Kabalogy as they intimate loose comparisons to Mahavishnu and Zappa while appending Hasidic names to the above. “Hasidic New Wave” compliment bands such as John Zorn’s Masada, or a host of upstart New York City based groups that meld Klezmer, Fusion, Ornette ...