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Robert Walter's 20th Congress: Money Shot

Read "Money Shot" reviewed by Jim Santella

The classic soul-jazz organ combo is alive and well. Big John Patton and Grant Green gave us “Yodel." Here, Robert Walter and Elgin Park tear it up. Drummer Stanton Moore provides a solid Bo Diddley beat, as saxophonist Cochema Juan Gastelum offers echoes of that soulful sound. Live audiences would have to be on their feet ...


Stanton Moore: All Kooked Out!

Read "All Kooked Out!" reviewed by Douglas Payne

It takes a special kind of drummer to be a leader. Maybe a nervy one. There's the temptation to grandstand with showy over-domination or remain buried in a rhythm section and let someone else take the honors. The most successful drummer-leaders are either innovative melodists like Art Blakey, Shelly Manne and Tony Williams. Or they're artful ...