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Hazel Leach / Composers' Orchestra Berlin: Postcard Collection

Read "Postcard Collection" reviewed by Jack Bowers

These picturesque “postcards" from composer / arranger Hazel Leach's well-appointed Composers' Orchestra Berlin are addressed to various locales in Europe and South America, presumably designed to echo musically the special nature of each site. Oddly enough, as there are only eight cards to be delivered, the album opens with Postcards 10 and 11, aimed at Caracas, ...

Free Range Music

Read "Free Range Music" reviewed by Jack Bowers

Hazel Leach has had quite a musical career. After college, where she studied classical flute as well as jazz / pop saxophone, the Englishwoman spent a number of years as a freelance musician / arranger before moving to Holland in 1979. Six years later she was named lecturer in music at the Arnheim Conservatoire, and in ...


Jutta Hipp: Lost Tapes: The German Recordings 1952-1955

Read "Lost Tapes: The German Recordings 1952-1955" reviewed by Dan McClenaghan

German-born pianist Jutta Hipp (1925-2003) was enticed to travel to New York in 1955 by jazz writer/historian Leonard Feather. She was signed by Alfred Lion to Blue Note Records where she very quickly--within an eight month period--recorded three albums for the label: At the Hickory House, Vol. 1 (1955); At the Hickory House, Vol. 2, and ...


Duke Ellington Orchestra: Big Bands Live

Read "Big Bands Live" reviewed by Dan McClenaghan

By 1967, the heyday of the big band was over. Rock and Roll ruled as the popular music of the day, and the financial challenges of keeping a large ensemble together for recording--and especially touring--were huge. But Duke Ellington--one of American's finest bandleaders, pianists, and composers--was more than just a genius in the field of music. ...


Dizzy Gillespie Quintet: Legends Live

Read "Legends Live" reviewed by Dan McClenaghan

The Jazzhaus label has, on its hands, an archive of some 1600 audio and more than 350 video recordings taken from live radio and T.V. broadcasts in post-World War II Germany, featuring some of the most vital jazz artists of the time. These recordings are now being released. The first batch of the Legends Live series ...


Nuevo Tango Ensamble: D'Impulso

Read "D'Impulso" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

La collaborazione tra il gruppo italiano Nuevo Tango Ensemble e l'etichetta tedesca Jazzhaus Records continua nel migliore dei modi, dopo il convincente Tango Mediterraneo (che aveva seguito A Night in Vienna pubblicato dalla Phylology). Il loro percorso mischia tango nuevo e jazz, la musica di Buenos Aires, così come l'ha interpretata Piazzolla, ed il jazz americano, grazie al pianismo ...


Nuevo Tango Ensamble feat. Gabriele Mirabassi: Tango Mediterraneo

Read "Tango Mediterraneo" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Tre anni dopo l'eccellente disco d'esordio, A Night in Vienna, il Nuevo Tango Ensamble si presenta con questo nuovo documento del loro eccellente lavoro, che fin dal titolo - Tango Mediterraneo - esibisce un evoluzione rispetto al passato. Se infatti il precedente CD era interamente dedicato alle musiche di Piazzolla, qui solo due brani omaggiano il Maestro - uno dei ...


The United Women's Orchestra: Virgo Supercluster

Read "Virgo Supercluster" reviewed by Jack Bowers

This is the third album by the cutting-edge United Women’s Orchestra of Cologne, Germany, and as before, one of the most daunting tasks facing a reviewer is describing the music therein. If distilled into a single word, that word would perhaps be “adventurous,” although “expansive” would certainly apply, as would “captivating” or “passionate.” Maria Schneider, a ...


United Women's Orchestra: The Blue One

Read "The Blue One" reviewed by Jack Bowers

The Blue One is the debut recording by the well–schooled United Women’s Orchestra, a forward–leaning all–female ensemble from Cologne, Germany. Co–leaders Christina Fuchs (three) and Hazel Leach (four) composed and arranged all of the songs, and they shadow closely the groundbreaking endeavors of such respected contemporaries as Carla Bley and Maria Schneider. All of the musicians ...