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Carlo Mombelli: Angels and Demons

Read "Carlo Mombelli: Angels and Demons" reviewed by Seton Hawkins

One of music's criminally underrated geniuses, South African electric bassist and composer Carlo Mombelli has carved out a most extraordinary performing and writing career in music. Throughout his four decades as a performer, Mombelli has forged one of the most distinctive electric bass approaches in Jazz, established himself as South Africa's most exceptional composer, and has ...


Jazzdor Berlin

Read "Jazzdor Berlin" reviewed by Henning Bolte

Kulturbrauerei (Prenzlauer Berg)
Jazzdor Berlin
June 5-8, 2018

Jazzdor Berlin is a satellite of the Jazzdor Festival of Strasbourg founded 31 years ago. This year's 12th edition of the Franco-German festival held as usual at Kulturbrauerei, an abandoned brewery in Berlin borough Prenzlauer Berg, presented 11 groups with 40 musicians during four ...


Dejan Terzic: Prometheus

Read "Prometheus" reviewed by Vincenzo Roggero

Quella allestita da Dejan Terzic -batterista tedesco di origine bosniache -per dar vita alle sue dieci composizioni, è una formazione di tutto rispetto. Accanto al virtuoso pianista serbo Bojan Zulfikarpasic, troviamo il prolifico (è presente in oltre un centinaio di registrazioni, molte con nomi eccellenti) contrabbassista neozelandese Matt Penman e Chris Speed, sassofonista, clarinettista e compositore ...


Jermaine Landsberger and Paulo Morello: Hammond Eggs

Read "Hammond Eggs" reviewed by Edward Blanco

Hammond B3 specialist Jermaine Landsberger and fellow German, guitarist Paulo Morello, have played together for over a decade, since their first gig in 1990 in the village of Maxhutte, Bavaria, where they both lived. Morello is one of Germany's finest jazz guitarist and Landsberger--who comes from a German Gypsies Sinti musical family lineage--is a modern jazz ...


Domenic Landolf: New Brighton

Read "New Brighton" reviewed by Raul d'Gama Rose

The term, “Impressionism" has been bandied about with such regularity in recent times that it has all but ceased to mean anything, much less suggest the kind of music that came from the pen of Claude Debussy and, a short time later, from that equally famous French composer, Maurice Ravel. Every once in awhile, however, there ...


The State of The Saxophone Trio: Dan Moretti, Domenic Landolf, Jacob Duncan

Read "The State of The Saxophone Trio: Dan Moretti, Domenic Landolf, Jacob Duncan" reviewed by C. Michael Bailey

There is something Baroque about jazz ensembles lacking a piano or guitar as a harmony instrument . Their absence frees previously occupied sonic space for other uses. The format also sets up a more pronounced contrapuntal interplay between the remaining players. The saxophone trio has become quite mainstream since Sonny Rollins blew into the Village Vanguard ...


Domenic Landolf: New Brighton

Read "New Brighton" reviewed by Dan Bilawsky

Thirteen musical episodes--simultaneously stressing individual paths, duo rapport and trio interplay--make up New Brighton. Multi-reedist Domenic Landolf shows that he knows how to go out on a limb, creating challenging music, but he always balances the adventurous with the accessible. Stability--whether dealing with rhythm or melody--is the key factor here. One musician will often provide a ...

Dejan Terzic Underground: Diaspora

Read "Diaspora" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Emerge con forza la visione musicale di Dejan Terzic nel suo Diaspora, un album realizzato con i musicisti del progetto Underground. E non potrebbe essere altrimenti, visto che otto dei nove brani in scaletta (ai quali si aggiunge “Jewish Folksong") portano la firma del batterista serbo di stanza in Germania, il quale riesce a unire la tradizione jazzistica con le ...


Dejan Terzic Quartet (Naxos Jazz: Four for One

Read "Four for One" reviewed by C. Michael Bailey

Skins. Dejan Terzic’s Four for One is the second Naxos Jazz release lead by a drummer, the first being Niko Schäuble’s On the Other Hand (Naxos Jazz 86011-2). Unlike Schäuble’s very angular and elusive avant-guard music, Terzic’s effort is solid mainstream, almost a Hard Bop throw back. Standards and originals neatly split this eight piece offering. ...


Dejan Terzic Quartet: Four For One

Read "Four For One" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

28-year-old drummer, Dejan Terzic displays star qualities on “Four For One". Terzic, has been the recipient of numerous awards and here with his Quartet featuring the superb saxophonist George Garzone, also emerges as a mature bandleader.

On the opener and Terzic original, “Childish Things" Terzic commences with some cool drum licks as he displays good textbook ...