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Kenny G: At Last...The Duets Album

Read "Kenny G: At Last...The Duets Album" reviewed by Mark Sabbatini

Kenny G
At Last...The Duets Album
Arista Records

This album is the pinnacle of artistic inspiration, an achievement nonpareil for annihilating depression, a lone triumph among the hundreds of albums scrutinized annually in search of gems.

Kenny G's At Last - The Duets Album is, in short, ...


Alan Parsons Project: Master Hits

Read "Master Hits" reviewed by Todd S. Jenkins

Since this section is supposed to involve both fusion and progressive music, I thought I'd include something off the beaten path this month. The First Wave of progressive rock is generally understood to include influential bands like Yes, Gentle Giant, King Crimson, Genesis and Procol Harum, though many will argue that the genre dates even as ...


The Other Ones: The Strange Remain

Read "The Strange Remain" reviewed by AAJ Staff

For over 30 years, The Grateful Dead criss-crossed the country, the house band at party after party in countless cities for a roaming community best known as “Deadheads;" their common bond, to gather and celebrate. Skeptics often write off The Grateful Dead, dissing their fans, attacking the band's now mythical drug habits and citing their poor ...