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Buffalo Jazz Octet: PausaLive

Read "PausaLive" reviewed by Patrick Keyes

The Buffalo Jazz Octet, a group of veteran musicians culled from the strong jazz community in jny: Buffalo, NY, offers a boldly realized collective voice that sings of a wide-open future on PausaLive.

PausaLive both reinforces and obliterates notions of jazz as a convenient label. The writing is beguiling, the musicians contribute top-notch inside ...


Ehran Elisha Ensemble: Continue

Read "Continue" reviewed by Eyal Hareuveni

The title of the Israeli-American drummer Ehran Elisha new ensemble album suggests his approach to music and improvisation. Inspired by the approach of Miles Davis, its art, aesthetics, compositional and improvisational tools never rest, simply continue forward. Always enriching the creative process, whether within formal compositions, free improvisations solo performances or with new musicians.


Paul Hubweber: Loverman

Read "Loverman" reviewed by John Eyles

Studio-recorded in July 2010, Loverman features nearly 41 minutes of solo trombone from Paul Hubweber across eleven tracks. As the album title hints, the focus of the album is on Charlie Parker, with five of those eleven tracks being Bird compositions, in addition to “Lover Man," made famous by the alto saxophonist. Despite those tracks, this ...


Brian Landrus: Forward

Read "Forward" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Non è da tutti una volta terminati gli studi riuscire ad incidere il disco d'esordio con i propri insegnanti, musicisti che rispondono al nome di John Lockwood, Bob Moses, George Garzone, Allan Chase, Michael Cain. Il multi strumentista Brian Landrus (suona una infinità di strumenti a fiato compresi oboe e fagotto) c'è riuscito, licenziando un album soddisfacente, non particolarmente innovativo, ma di ...


Brian Landrus: Forward

Read "Forward" reviewed by Raul d'Gama Rose

Forward is a magical sonic journey charted by reeds and woodwinds master, Brian Landrus and explores the tonal depths of the ocean of sound that fewer saxophonists seem to traverse these days. Landrus plays baritone saxophone and bass clarinet on this adventure in sound, as well as alto flute, all of which makes for a breathtaking ...


Brian Landrus: Forward

Read "Forward" reviewed by Bruce Lindsay

Forward, multi-instrumentalist Brian Landrus' first album, begins by looking back--with a version of Thelonious Monk's “Ask Me Now." This is, perhaps, a nod of recognition to past masters but Landrus' arrangement adds a freshness made even more effective by his use of the baritone sax as the lead instrument. The rest of the album, which was ...

Tomas Ulrich: Tomas Ulrich's Cargo Cult

Read "Tomas Ulrich's Cargo Cult" reviewed by Lyn Horton

Recorded live in February, 2007 in Kingston, NY, If You Should Go unveils the distinction among three separate string instruments: the cello, the guitar and the upright bass. As Tomas Ulrich on cello, Rolf Sturm on electric and acoustic guitars and Michael Bisio on bass trade leading musical lines, so do they each reflect how they ...


Michael Jefry Stevens Quartet: For the Children

Read "For the Children" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Benché inciso nel 1995, esce solo ora questo bel CD per la collana Historical Series della Cadence. Ne è leader Michael Jefry Stevens, pianista bravo e particolarmente attento sia all’aspetto compositivo che progettuale dei suoi dischi. È un documento dotato ancor oggi di un suo fascino, per il modo fluente e comunicativo in cui si sviluppa il flusso ...


Michael Jefry Stevens: For The Children

Read "For The Children" reviewed by Budd Kopman

Pianist Michael Jefry Stevens has to be one of most under-appreciated composers and players around. His discography as a leader, going back to 1995, is slight, and he can be most easily heard in cooperative groups such as Conference Call (nominally led by Gebhard Ullmann) and the Fonda/Stevens group. Stevens is an intellectually stimulating player with ...


George Dulin Disband: Ride Of Your Life

Read "Ride Of Your Life" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

In the liners, producer Bob Rusch iterates about the thousands of demos he receives in the mail during the course of a year. Luckily, for us modern jazz aficionados, Rusch judiciously recognized the talents of thirty-year old Kansas City reared pianist George Dulin. And it's not just another jazz piano trio recording by any stretch.