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Thomas Kolarczyk Ensemble: Halbtraume

Read "Halbtraume" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

Germany-based Double Moon Records' long-running series, “JazzThing: The Next Generation" places a spotlight on young European talent attempting to break into the modern jazz rank and file. Indeed, there have been some gems in this series of albums. Here, bassist Thomas Kolarczyk's Ensemble, comprised of German and Polish jazz artists, marks the 72nd volume, and is ...

Bailey’s Bundle – El Dudas – Some Great Songs, Volumes 1 & 2

Read "Bailey’s Bundle – El Dudas – Some Great Songs, Volumes 1 & 2" reviewed by C. Michael Bailey

Hungarian clarinetist Lajos Dudas “El Dudas" has been a reeds fixture in Europe since the early 1980s. He is equally capable of performing rock, jazz, shythm & blues, and classical music. In 1998, Dudas released a standards recording called Some Great Songs. He then took his precious time creating his Volume 2 early in 2017. Here ...


Tré: Edle Einfalt

Read "Edle Einfalt" reviewed by Alberto Bazzurro

Trio dalle geometrie inusuali ma non per questo inaudite (pensiamo solo a un ipotetico, assolutamente realistico, Giuffre/Brookmeyer/Manne, le cui temperature fanno del resto capolino in episodi quali “Drachengedankenkampf," “Ninna nanna," per certi versi anche “Domino"), il tedesco Tré poggia le proprie fondamenta sulle larghe volute disegnate dal trombone di Thomas Lüthi, non fosse altro che per ...


Karl Latham / Ryan Carniaux / Mark Egan: Constellations

Read "Constellations" reviewed by Fiona Ord-Shrimpton

If you happened to be in vitro fed Isao Tomita during your pre-personage, you're going to recognise Karl Latham's Constellations electronica subliminally--regardless any jazz/Bjork connections. 70's Japanese synth/horn, space music trembling has that tendency to unhinge a certain primeval magic. Space music in the 21st Century has less artefacts than the 70s first steppers, and more ...


Christy Doran's New Bag: Mesmerized

Read "Mesmerized" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

Celebrated Swiss guitarist Christy Doran assets pertain to his indefatigable creative sparks, evidenced by his work in jazz-rock, avant-garde jazz improvisation or when tackling world music. And from a fundamental shedding perspective, he could hold his own with most if not all of the present guitar heroes.

New Bag was created in 1997, but ...


Christy Doran's New Bag: Mesmerized

Read "Mesmerized" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

I New Bag di Christy Doran giungono al loro ottavo album, continuando a percorrere con convinzione la strada tracciata nel lontano 1999 con l'album Confusing the Spirits. Quello che sembrava un progetto arrivato un po' in ritardo, in una corrente come quella del jazz-rock ormai in crisi di identità, è diventato invece uno dei progetti più interessanti dell'intero panorama discografico. ...


Geoff Goodman: Jazz + Haiku

Read "Jazz + Haiku" reviewed by Chris Mosey

On the face of it jazz and haiku wouldn't seem to have a great deal in common: jazz, born in the brothels of New Orleans at the close of the 19th century; haiku, an offshoot of age-old Japanese Zen Buddhism, seeking answers to the meaning of life in the quiet life and a pithy observation of ...


Christy Doran: Mesmerized

Read "Mesmerized" reviewed by Ian Patterson

Guitarist Christy Doran's New Bag has negotiated its share of rough waters during its sixteen-year journey. While the ship was severely rocked by the death of drummer Fabian Kuratli in 2008 and the departure of vocalist Bruno Amstad after 12 years in 2011, Doran has soldiered on. His compositions ultimately define New Bag's personality, rather than ...


Matthieu Marthouret: Upbeats

Read "Upbeats" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Giunge alla seconda prova discografica l'Organ Quartet di Matthieu Marthouret: Upbeats, uscito da poco per la Double Moon Records, continua il percorso cominciato nel 2009 con Playground. Il pianista francese, nativo di Grenoble, ma ormai parigino a tutti gli effetti, dove risiede da qualche anno, è innegabilmente attratto dal soul jazz, tipico degli anni d'oro della Blue Note. Quello per ...


Matthieu Marthouret Organ Quartet: Upbeats

Read "Upbeats" reviewed by Dan Bilawsky

Necessity is not only the mother of invention, but also of direction. French pianist Matthieu Marthouret initially took on the task of mastering the organ because of problems finding bass players for rehearsals, but he found his own voice on the instrument and discovered a world of possibilities in the process. The debut album from his ...