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Lisa Yves: Jazz for Kids - Everybody's Boppin'

Read "Jazz for Kids - Everybody's Boppin'" reviewed by Dave Nathan

This album has such a fairy tale setting about it that I was tempted to start the review “Once upon a time..." Jazz for Kids is the end product of the work of a dedicated jazz vocalist, Lisa Yves, who turned her talents to teaching kids, young kids at that, the art of jazz vocalizing. A ...


Lisa Yves: Jazz For Kids/ Everybody's Boppin'

Read "Jazz For Kids/ Everybody's Boppin'" reviewed by AAJ Staff

If you believe in the premise that exposure to the arts is an important and vital part of a young person's growth and development, and that a regular curriculum of art and music is just as important and necessary as English, mathematics, and social studies, you will be shocked to learn that most young people across ...

Arturo Sandoval: Ronnie Scott's Jazz House

Read "Ronnie Scott's Jazz House" reviewed by AAJ Staff

Now that Arturo Sandoval is approaching mythologization through a new HBO movie entitled, appropriately enough “The Arturo Sandoval Story," revived interest in his life and career--of course in sync with the Latin, and specifically Cuban, music surge--inevitably will lead to new recordings, re-releases and touring schedules. And to think: The Feds almost deported this soon-to-be legend. ...


The Danish Radio Big Band (dacapo: A Little Bit of Duke

Read "A Little Bit of Duke" reviewed by C. Michael Bailey

Centenary. What better opportunity to reconsider European interpretations of Duke Ellington’s music than his 100th birthday. Ellington’s music has woven itself into the fabric of Western Musical Tradition in the same way as Hector Berlioz did. Both men were brilliant orchestrators, arrangers, and finally composers. How appropriate it is for the very fine Danish Radio Big ...


Chuck Rainey: The Chuck Rainey Coalition

Read "The Chuck Rainey Coalition" reviewed by Douglas Payne

Here's a tight set of funky soul-jazz grooves served up hot by electric bassist and studio kingpin Chuck Rainey (born 1940). First released on the Skye label in 1968, it's the first of only three discs (I think) the bassist released under his own name during a long career that's included playing with Aretha Franklin, Marvin ...