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Italian Jazz

Read "Italian Jazz" reviewed by Bob Osborne

This week we take a look at Italian Jazz with a selection of music from a variety of great players with the main focus being on pianist Enrico Pieranunzi

Playlist Enrico Pieranunzi “Amarcord" from Fellini Jazz (C.A.M. Jazz) 00:00 Sebastiano Meloni “Nocturne" from Pictures of a Quartet (Slam Productions) 07:44 Carla Marciano Quartet “Handshake" ...


Film Noir, a Jazz Investigation

Read "Film Noir, a Jazz Investigation" reviewed by Ludovico Granvassu

In search of clues about the key components that make it possible to build the mood, the suspense, the intrigue, the build-up of tension, the adrenaline rush and the release in a good film noir with a jazz soundtrack, or in the jazz soundtrack of an imaginary film noir.

Plus an interview with German-born, ...


Chet Baker: Italian Movies

Read "Italian Movies" reviewed by Maurizio Zerbo

Jazz e cinema. Un connubio magnificamente documentato da questo confanetto, destinato ad attrarre l'interesse non solo dei fan di Chet Baker. C'è un gran lavoro dietro queste sei colonne sonore realizzate tra il 1958 ed il 1962 grazie alle splendide partiture di Piero Umiliani, tra pagine orchestrali di impianto rigorosamente jazz e raffinati ammiccamenti al pop. ...


Piero Umiliani: Psichedelica

Read "Psichedelica" reviewed by Dan McClenaghan

Psichdelica is a fun album. It is music from the pen of Italian movie scorer Piero Umbiliani. The music here composed and recorded for the movie Svenzia Inferno e Paradiso (1968) is in large part a slice of those times. “Trippy, very trippy," might be the colloquial 1968 description for the the disc's first four tunes, ...


Piero Umiliani: To-Day's Sound

Read "To-Day's Sound" reviewed by Douglas Payne

Piero Umiliani scored over 60 films in his native Italy between 1958 and 1981. And it's no secret that Italian films, even as derivative and as unfamiliar as they are to most Americans, are a treasure trove of excellent artistry. The recent “now-sound" craze is finally affording Italian film composers like Umiliani their due.

This 1971 ...