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Playing Catch Up With 2019

Read "Playing Catch Up With 2019" reviewed by Jerome Wilson

There always seems to be a constant flow of worthwhile new music coming out, so much that it is to be impossible to cover it all within its calendar year. Here are seven notable releases from the last few months of 2019. Gebhard Ullmann mikroPULS Intuition 2019 The ...


Christy Doran: Undercurrent - Live at Theater Gutersloh

Read "Undercurrent - Live at Theater Gutersloh" reviewed by Ian Patterson

Irish-born, Lucerne-based guitarist Christy Doran is as versatile as he is prolific. From the beguiling duo collaboration with Chinese pipa virtuoso Yang Jing that was No. 9 (Leo Records, 2013) and the swaggering alt-rock of New Bag's Mesmerized (Double Moon Records, 2013) to Bunter Hund's genre-busting, accordion-cum-guitar driven Walkin' The Dog (Unit Records 2014) and the ...


Martial Solal: My One And Only Love: Live at Theater Gütersloh

Read "My One And Only Love: Live at Theater Gütersloh" reviewed by Dan Bilawsky

English poet Samuel Johnson famously and accurately remarked that “He that runs against Time has an antagonist not subject to casualties." With that statement, Johnson essentially cut to the ultimate truth behind man's battle with mortality, the powers of change, and the swift dominance of the aging process. But he didn't say it all. What he ...

Christy Doran: Undercurrent - Live at Theater Gutersloh

Read "Undercurrent - Live at Theater Gutersloh" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

This release by acclaimed Irish-Swiss guitarist Christy Doran (Tim Berne, Carla Bley, Pierre Favre) denotes volume 14 of the European Jazz Legends series, all performed at the German venue, Theater Gutersloh. With the trio Sound Fountain, Doran synthesizes his mega-talented musical persona, along with nods to one of his primary influences, Jimi Hendrix. Indeed, ...


Hans Lüdemann - Trio Ivoire: Desert Pulse

Read "Desert Pulse" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

Pianist Hans Ludemann's past is steeped in modern and outside jazz realms amid his affiliations with trombonist Albert Mangelsdorf, pianist Paul Bley and other forward-looking explorers. But as the liner notes point out, the artist switched gears after a trip to West Africa in 1999 where he met balaphone performer Aly Keita who uses the melodic ...


Miroslav Vitous: Ziljabu Nights - Live at Theater Gutersloh

Read "Ziljabu Nights - Live at Theater Gutersloh" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

This live album celebrates the 8th edition of the German record label's European Jazz Legends series, culminating in a book to be published in 2018. And each album is finalized with an interview track. So, it would make sense that eminent Czech bassist and co-founder of Weather Report, Miroslav Vitous would be included in the progression ...


Michel Portal: Radar

Read "Radar" reviewed by Paolo Peviani

In occasione della pubblicazione del suo centesimo numero, la rivista Jazz Thing ha lanciato una serie di articoli intitolata “European Jazz Legends," in seguito integrata da una serie di album registrati dal vivo nel teatro della cittadina tedesca di Gütersloh. Il settimo CD della collana ha come protagonista il polistrumentista francese Michel Portal, ...


Arild Andersen: The Rose Window - Live at Theater Gutersloh

Read "The Rose Window - Live at Theater Gutersloh" reviewed by Maurizio Zerbo

Il contrabbassista norvegese Arild Andersen è stato un magnifico protagonista del jazz europeo negli anni Settanta, grazie alle collaborazioni con Jan Garbarek, George Russell e Don Cherry. La sua sapienza compositiva ed organizzativa si intravede ancora una volta in questo CD registrato quest'anno in Germania, alla testa di un trio ben affiatato. Come ...


Dave Liebman & Richie Beirach: Balladscapes

Read "Balladscapes" reviewed by Neri Pollastri

Se c'è un sodalizio artistico che merita di essere definito “storico," è quello tra Dave Liebman e Richie Beirach: il primo incontro tra i due -che sono quasi coetanei, il sopranista avendo solo un anno in più del pianista--avviene infatti quasi cinquant'anni fa, quando i due ancora erano studenti, ed erano assieme nel 1973 per First ...


Enrico Pieranunzi: Tales From The Unexpected

Read "Tales From The Unexpected" reviewed by Neri Pollastri

Registrato dal vivo al Teatro di Gütersloh il 29 agosto del 2015, questo disco fa parte della prestigiosa serie “European Jazz Legends" della Intuition, che giustamente sceglie un artista come Enrico Pieranunzi per il suo terzo capitolo. Il pianista romano si presenta in trio, una delle sue formazioni preferite, con partner europei come il ...


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