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John Butcher - Mark Sanders: Daylight

Read "Daylight" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Potrebbe essere la recensione più breve del West. Viscerali e “avanti" davvero quanto basta, John Butcher e Mark Sanders, vecchi compagni d'armi sin dai tempi delle comuni collaborazioni con quel genio di Steve Beresford (del resto si erano incontrati a casa di Derek Bailey), tirano fuori dal cappello degli amici della Emanem, un piccolo compendio di free sul ...


John Surman - Howard Moody: Rain on the Window

Read "Rain on the Window" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

C'è un che di religioso, in questo lavoro discografico di Surman e Moody. E non si tratta (o quantomeno non solo) della presenza dell'organo. E neppure di uno spiritual ("I'm Troubled in Mind") che è entrato anche nel songbook (ammesso che si possa dire così) della tradizione cattolica italiana. E', piuttosto, la rigorosa austerità, il severo autocontrollo che permea tutta ...


John Coltrane: My Favorite Things: Coltrane at Newport

Read "My Favorite Things: Coltrane at Newport" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Tornano, ghiottamente appaiate in un solo disco, due celebri apparizioni del quartetto di John Coltrane al Festival di Newport, la prima nel 1963 - era in Newport '63 - e la seconda due anni più tardi - era in New Thing at Newport. Si tratta di lavori sui quali è già stato detto molto, la cui relativamente breve ...


Eric Barber: Maybeck Constructions

Read "Maybeck Constructions" reviewed by Mark Corroto

Solo saxophone recitals bring to mind cartoon saxophonist Lisa Simpson being dismissed from band practice for doing her own thing. Sure we all like to think of ourselves as Lisa, Sonny Rollins, Evan Parker, John Butcher, Joe McPhee, or Jack Wright blowing notes into the great unknown, but the solo setting is one lonely gig.


Tchicai / D: Hope is Bright Green Up North

Read "Hope is Bright Green Up North" reviewed by Derek Taylor

Two sons of Denmark, Tchicai and Dørge have been musical colleagues for going on three decades. Their long-standing friendship makes this match-up seem almost like second nature. Curiously enough it’s their first trio recording in nearly as much time, the last being The Real Tchicai, a '77 date for Steeplechase with bassist Niels-Henning Ørsted Pederson in ...


John Butcher with Derek Bailey and Rhodri Davies: Vortices and Angels

Read "Vortices and Angels" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

This newly released set is apportioned into two sections: The first two pieces feature legendary British free-improviser, guitarist Derek Bailey performing with compatriot, saxophonist John Butcher, live at the “Vortex” club in London, whereas Butcher and harpist, Rhodri Davies execute three duet pieces at a London church. Basically, these recordings provide the listener with stark contrasting ...


John Butcher/Xavier Charles/Axel Dorner: The Contest Of Pleasures

Read "The Contest Of Pleasures" reviewed by Mark Corroto

The occasion of this live recording was a jazz festival in Hulhouse, at the southern end of Alsace. The musicians, Jon Butcher, Xavier Charles, and Axel Dorner came together in the Chapelle Saint-Jean on a hot August day in 2000, to create spontaneous music. What was captured was on overtly patient documentation of three improvisors working ...


John Butcher - Xavier Charles - Axel Dorner: The Contest of Pleasures

Read "The Contest of Pleasures" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

Recorded live at the “Jazz a’ Mulhouse Festival”, The Contest of Pleasures is a subtly dynamic improvising extravaganza brought to us by three forward thinking European horn men; saxophonist John Butcher, clarinetist Xavier Charles and trumpeter Axel Dorner. With this newly issued outing, the musicians’ explore abstruse regions of sound amid odd voicings, high-pitched harmonies, intricate ...


John Pizzarelli: Let There Be Love

Read "Let There Be Love" reviewed by AAJ Staff

After a decade of recording as a leader on several labels like RCA and Chesky, John Pizzarelli seems to have found a home at Telarc Jazz. Fast on the heels of his last his first Telarc trio release, Kisses In The Rain, Pizzarelli is delving even further into the style he established there: romantic standards.


John Butcher/Phil Durrant: Requests And Antisongs

Read "Requests And Antisongs" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

Requests And Antisongs represents a series of pieces performed by two prominent masters of the British improv scene, saxophonist John Butcher and violinist, electronics expert Phil Durrant. Yet here, Durrant often counters or parallels Butcher’s fragmented themes and lines by solely utilizing – live electronics and modular feedback.

With the opener, “Sheet Bends”, the listener should ...