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John Kelman's Best Releases of 2019

Read "John Kelman's Best Releases of 2019" reviewed by John Kelman

Well, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome continues to be a challenge, as it has been since mid-2014. 2019 represents, in fact, the worst year when it comes to the actual number of articles written. Still, I've been finding an increasingly satisfying niche in the arena of in-depth, detailed and extensive/exhaustive (exhausting, for you as much as I!!) articles. ...


The Rolling Stones: A Bigger Bang

Read "The Rolling Stones: A Bigger Bang" reviewed by Doug Collette

The Rolling Stones A Bigger Bang Virgin 2005 Rolling Stones albums have always been tricky never more so than in recent years as assorted songs and collections of same sneak up on you after having made little or no impression at first encounter. It's almost like the Cheshire ...


Rolling Stones: Live Licks

Read "Rolling Stones: Live Licks" reviewed by C. Michael Bailey

Rolling Stones Live Licks Virgin Records 2004 All About Jazz comrade Doug Collette has already astutely commented on this recording. I have been listening to it since entering Best Buy two weeks ago and, like a lemming marching into the sea, purchased it. I was not holding out very much ...


Live Licks: The Rolling Stones On Tour 2002-2003

Read "Live Licks: The Rolling Stones On Tour 2002-2003" reviewed by Doug Collette

The Rolling Stones Live Licks: The Rolling Stones On Tour 2002-2003 Virgin Records 2004 Leave it to the Stones, the band that cannot be killed with conventional weapons. They tour the world presenting a show rife with circus-like theatrics, then release a live two-CD set culled from those ...


Flora Purim: Speak No Evil

Read "Speak No Evil" reviewed by Javier AQ Ortiz

Quick and to the Point: Unyielding Purim’s flowering... Festive restfulness, mature wits, shrewd phrasing intonation and taste, with absolutely no vocal bells and whistles. It’s Mrs. Flora Purim, Brazil’s gracious-sounding elder stateswoman. Speak No Evil is Purim’s latest. Her vocals, secure and succulent, convey enough exotica brushes in her accented musical ...


Nikka Costa: Everybody Got Their Something

Read "Everybody Got Their Something" reviewed by Rob Evanoff

A far cry from being confused with a famous Nikki and his book of Dirt, Nikka Costa finally debuts stateside with her Virgin release and it’s a real dirty pleasure. Want a mental taste? Take the sexual vocal passion of earlyTina Turner, the delivery ofJanis Joplinand mix it with the modern day soul of Lauryn Hill ...


D'Angelo: Voodoo

Read "Voodoo" reviewed by Rob Evanoff

What’s a reviewer to do when all he does is stew aboutVoodoo? Being out of the loop, not having heard of Michael “D’Angelo” Archer until late last century, witnessing the pre-release anticipation but shunning it as my jaded exterior is impervious to the manipulation machine. Months go by, and everyone is talking about him, his “Untitled” ...


Beenie Man: Art and Life

Read "Art and Life" reviewed by Rob Evanoff

Art and Life appear to be fraternal twins. Ever consider how interwoven art and life are? And how each continues to mutate and re-emerge as generations whisk by? History will one day reaffirm Hip-Hop as the only true descendant of Jazz by its prevailing influence on the creative arts and its spot-on reflection of culture and ...


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