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October 2017: Grover Washington Jr, Bud Powell and Ferit Odman

Read "October 2017: Grover Washington Jr, Bud Powell and Ferit Odman" reviewed by Patrick Burnette

Welcome to our monthly look at what's happening on the Jazz Bastard podcast! Since December 2012, Mike Caldwell and I have gotten together every fortnight to discuss jazz albums in an irreverent, irascible, and engaged manner. Some shows focus on a theme or an individual artist, while others just discuss what's been on the boys' playlists ...


David Murray Octets on Black Saint

Read "David Murray Octets on Black Saint" reviewed by Patrick Burnette

Younger jazz fans may be only dimly acquainted with the Italian record labels Black Saint and Soul Note, but during their prime in the 1980s both labels released jazz that was adventuresome and challenging without losing touch with tradition. As such, the imprints offered a compelling middle way between the major label output of the time ...


Tomeka Reid: Tomeka Reid Quartet

Read "Tomeka Reid Quartet" reviewed by Patrick Burnette

Even jazz fans who follow recordings coming out of Chicago might still not have heard of cellist Tomeka Reid. Before 2015, when Tomeka Reid Quartet was released, she worked mostly as a sideman (side-person?) with such local luminaries as Nicole Mitchell and Dee Alexander, as well as participating in the AACM. Given that it's her debut ...

Bud Powell: The Complete Blue Note and Roost Recordings

Read "The Complete Blue Note and Roost Recordings" reviewed by Patrick Burnette

Bud Powell is the hardest of the be-bop masters to get a clear fix on. Charlie Parker left behind a stack of Dial and Savoy sides as the benchmark for improvisers in the mode; Miles Davis and Dizzy Gillespie were copiously recorded and it's easy to find large chunks of material documenting both players at the ...

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