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Jazz Education: The Next Generation, Part 2

Read "Jazz Education: The Next Generation, Part 2" reviewed by Karl Ackermann

Part 1 of Jazz Education: The Next Generation explored how the early days of music and--specifically--jazz music was approached through various channels of formal education. The long, arduous process of creating an accepting environment for jazz education necessitated moving the art form from a vaudevillian status through a firewall of academic elitism and prejudice to a ...

Ray Charles: The Complete ABC Recordings 1959-1961

Read "Ray Charles: The Complete ABC Recordings 1959-1961" reviewed by Chris May

Ray Charles

The Complete ABC Recordings 1959-1961

Le Chant du Monde


At first glance, it's a mystery. Why choose 1961 as the cut-off point for a collection spanning the first years of singer/keyboardist Ray Charles' lengthy tenure with ABC-Paramount? Extend that to 1962, and even within the 3-CD confines of The ...

Ray Charles: Original Album Series

Read "Ray Charles: Original Album Series" reviewed by Chris May

Ray Charles
Original Album Series
2010 (1957-61)

Singer and pianist Ray Charles' period with Atlantic Records, from 1953 to 1960, which is the subject of Warner/Rhino's Original Album Series, was the most exciting in Charles' long and well documented career. Preceding the country music years which began ...


David "Fathead" Newman: Remembering Brother Ray

Read "David "Fathead" Newman: Remembering Brother Ray" reviewed by Ed Hamilton

And the envelope please. The Oscar goes to the other most frequently spoken character name in the film Ray-- “Fathead." The name was eminently prominent with the character portrayed in the academy award nominated film Ray, and was an extraordinary, integral part. The character “Fathead" was a prime figure throughout the film playing baritone sax and ...


David Newman: Chillin'

Read "Chillin'" reviewed by Douglas Payne

Too often soul jazz veterans get locked into their soulful groove and end up as little more than lounge-act versions of themselves. Consider any Hank Crawford disc from the last fifteen years, or Bob Porter's continuing series of pointless Milestone productions. The best you can hope for is a signature sound covering the latest ...


David Newman: Lone Star Legend

Read "Lone Star Legend" reviewed by Douglas Payne

Since his heyday in Ray Charles' horn section in the 50s, David Newman has released two dozen albums of some of the swingin'-est soul jazz ever heard. Even when he flirted with funk in the late 60s and disco in the late 70s, Newman never veered far from the soul that powered his distinctive tenor growl. ...