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Phil C Bowler

PHIL BOWLER Newtown, Ct 06470-2776 E-Mail: WORK/PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Self-Employed Professional Jazz Musician, 1996-Present MEMBER OF GROUPS LED BY THE FOLLOWING: JACKIE MCLEAN – 1968 – 1972 RAHSAAN ROLAND KIRK – 1972 – 1976 WYNTON MARSALIS – 1982 – 1983 JON FADDIS – 1984 -1986 TERENCE BLANCHARD & DONALD HARRISON – 1986-1988 BENNY GOLSON - 1989 MAX ROACH – 1990 HORACE SILVER -1996 JACKIE MCLEAN - 2000 -2005 AFFILIATIONS: Host of Own Radio Show, “Jazz Adventures”, 1984 -2013, WPKN Bridgeport, CT  Broadcast live for over 29 years to Fairfield County, Connecticut.  Creator/compiler of WPKN “Jazz & Blues Line”, on air/online music entertainment directory.  Trainer of staff on broadcasting/computer/audio equipment.  Elected Station Music Director 1999 thru 2009 – leads acquisitions, inventory and organization of the music library in all musical styles by soliciting record label/distribution product; reporting play lists to CMJ online reporting service; handling station/record company interactions.  Selected Best Radio Personality by Variety (national entertainment trades magazine). American Federation of Musicians, Fairfield County Local 52-626; (2000-2002)  Elected President of 250-member union local


Lester Young: Centennial Celebration Lester Young

Read "Centennial Celebration Lester Young" reviewed by Andrew Velez

Although he'd lived a scant 50 hard years when he died in 1959, tenor sax giant Lester Willis Young was and remains one of the most vital and influential forces in jazz. He used words as singularly as he played, dubbing Billie Holiday “Lady Day"; theirs was an incomparable musical pairing and she returned the favor, ...


Gratkowski - Robertson - Nabatov - Manderscheid: Celebrations

Read "Celebrations" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Prendi un quartetto di eccellenti improvvisatori, quattro strepitosi musicisti dalla reputazione consolidata, che non hanno più nulla da rischiare, niente da imparare e ancor meno da dimostrare. Immagina che un’etichetta indipendente tra le più coraggiose e rinomate li sostenga con fiducia incondizionata e, come al solito, conceda carta bianca ai propri pupilli. Aggiungi a tutto ciò il fatto che ...


Frank Gambale: Raison D'etre

Read "Raison D'etre" reviewed by John Kelman

Guitarists are a funny lot; so many of them, not content with the harmonic/intervallic potentials of standard guitar tuning, experiment with a myriad of alternate tunings, sometimes with the expressed purpose of emulating the kind of chromatic chordal capabilities of the piano. As if there isn't enough to explore with the standard instrument, they feel a ...


Frank Gambale: Raison D'etre

Read "Raison D'etre" reviewed by Jerry D'Souza

When Frank Gambale discovered a new tuning for the guitar by which he could get piano harmonies that were not previously possible, he patented it as “Nouveau Tuning.” This new tuning does open up the guitar; the voicing is brighter and brings in a nice enough harmonic touch. He uses a double-neck Yamaha guitar that gives ...


Frank Wess: The Long Road

Read "The Long Road" reviewed by Derek Taylor

Frank Wess was a busy man in the 1960s. Along with juggling roles as Count Basie’s chief tenor and sessions as a sideman he was also fortunate enough to secure plentiful dates as a leader. In each setting his tenor was allowed room to move, but it was on his own gigs where his powers were ...


Frank Carlberg featuring Christine Correa: Variations On A Summer Day

Read "Variations On A Summer Day" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

Hailing from Helsinki, Finland – composer/pianist Frank Carlberg provides the musical setting for Variations On A Summer Day which is a collection of poems by Wallace Stevens. Vocalist Christine Correa is co-featured on this production along with a prominent assemblage of modern jazz all-stars consisting of saxophonists Chris Speed, Andrew D’ Angelo, drummer Kenny Wolleson and ...


Frank Carlberg: Variations On A Summer Day

Read "Variations On A Summer Day" reviewed by Mark Corroto

Adapting the poetry of Wallace Stevens to music is an almost natural task for Frank Carlberg. The ex-lawyer turned insurance executive (Stevens not Carlberg) wrote from pure imagination. His early associations had been with the New York intelligentsia, including William Carlos Williams and Marcel Duchamp. Carlberg, a Finnish born pianist and composer has been a frequent ...


Frank Vignola: Deja Vu

Read "Deja Vu" reviewed by Jim Santella

Songs by Cream, Carole King, Bob Marley, Isaac Hayes, Elvis Costello, David Crosby, Sting, and John Lennon make up much of Frank Vignola's latest album. The guitarist treats them with respect, offering familiar melodies and standard rhythms while stepping up occasionally to improvise. Vignola's smooth guitar sound embellishes each favorite tune; he's supported by drums, electric ...

Frank Vignola: Deja Vu

Read "Deja Vu" reviewed by Ed Kopp

Here's a talented young guitarist who probably hasn't sold as much product as his label would like. So the label conceives of a concept album aimed at boomers and fuzak lovers. And what do graying boomers and fuzak lovers want? Jazz-lite versions of classic rock and pop songs.

Frank Vignola has gone smooth on us. ...