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The Frank & Joe Show: Looking for a Long, Happy Run

Read "The Frank & Joe Show: Looking for a Long, Happy Run" reviewed by R.J. DeLuke

Back in the 1960s, after the British Invasion, it seemed every block had a band and anyone who knew three chords on a guitar joined in. Maybe they couldn't really play guitar, and the drummer might have sounded like he should be washing pots and pans, not banging on them. But it was all among friends ...


Frank Vignola and Joe Ascione: 33 1/3: The Frank & Joe Show

Read "33 1/3: The Frank & Joe Show" reviewed by J. Robert Bragonier

If you were in New York City some Sunday night and you should chance to wander by the nightclub Sweet Rhythm, you would experience a musical happening of ever-increasing proportions. There, guitarist Frank Vignola, percussionist Joe Ascione, and “their merry band of music makers" hold court for an ever-expanding group of devotees. What makes these events ...