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Alfa Jazz Fest 2017

Read "Alfa Jazz Fest 2017" reviewed by Thomas Conrad

Alfa Jazz Fest 2017
Lviv, Ukraine
June 23-27, 2017

Jazz festivals are different in Europe. There are more of them, and they are crucial to the economic viability, social solidarity and creative evolution of the jazz art form. Many European towns that host their own annual jazz events seem like ...


Gerry Teekens: At the Helm Of Criss Cross Jazz

Read "Gerry Teekens: At the Helm Of Criss Cross Jazz" reviewed by C. Andrew Hovan

Back in the heady jazz days of the '50s and '60s, independent jazz labels ruled the roost while offering a variety of jazz musicians the kind of carte blanch that would allow them to most truly express themselves in unfettered fashion. Be it Lester Koenig's Contemporary label on the West Coast or the legendary Blue Note ...


A Fireside Chat with Gerry Teekens

Read "A Fireside Chat with Gerry Teekens" reviewed by AAJ Staff

This week, I start profiling a handful of indie labels I think are superior to most of the massive amounts of titles being released each week. I think one week last year I counted more than fifty releases on tap. That is saturating an already small market so most listeners have no clue what to buy. ...