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Sahib Shihab: Seeds and Sentiments

Read "Sahib Shihab: Seeds and Sentiments" reviewed by Bobby Hancock

Jazz music has more than its fair share of overshadowed figures that whilst contributing much to the music have little presence in its collective conscious. One such musician is the talented multi-reedist, Sahib Shihab, who despite emigrating from the United States in the early 1960's managed to have a significant impact on the scene. Recording with ...


Joe Harriott: A Restless Soul

Read "Joe Harriott: A Restless Soul" reviewed by Bobby Hancock

Jazz music is not unused to firebrands who push the music on in the face of adversity or mere ignorance. In fact they have been invaluable in ensuring that the music stays fresh and new. Emphasis on innovations in the music has been on Afro-Americans, and it is true that they have played the largest part. ...