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Saxophonist Ben Schachter Pursues his Musical Vision

Read "Saxophonist Ben Schachter Pursues his Musical Vision" reviewed by Tony Rogers

He’s wowed critics and clubgoers, won fellowships and magazine polls. He’s recorded two CDs as a leader and has two more on the way.

But like so many jazz musicians before him, Philly-area tenor saxophonist and composer Ben Schachter has yet to land a contract with a major record label.

It hasn’t stopped him.

Told he ...


Paul Motian: Holiday for Strings

Read "Holiday for Strings" reviewed by Tony Rogers

Since his halcyon days as drummer for the legendary Bill Evans trio, Paul Motian has consistently pushed the boundaries of jazz. Working mostly in small groups with the likes of Keith Jarrett, Joe Lovano, Bill Frisell and Charlie Haden, Motian has helped liberate percussionists from their role as simple timekeepers by employing a style and phrasing ...


Peter Paulsen Quintet: Three-Stranded Cord

Read "Three-Stranded Cord" reviewed by Tony Rogers

It’s all very well to speak in abstractions about the state of the local jazz scene, but the proof, as they say, is in the playing. With talents like Ben Schachter, Tom Lawton and Bootsie Barnes keeping plenty busy in area clubs and recording studios, it’s clear that Philly and its extended environs have one of ...