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Lucinda Belle: Think Big: Like Me

Read "Think Big: Like Me" reviewed by Paul Naser

Jazz vocalist and harpist Lucinda Belle has an infectious enthusiasm and personality. Her newest single, “Baby Don't Cry" is a determined appeal to stay strong through tough times while looking forward to better times ahead. The soul-inspired groove keeps the song moving while her lyrics acknowledge hardship while putting things in perspective.

“Baby Don't ...


Dan Costa: Skyness

Read "Skyness" reviewed by Dr. Judith Schlesinger

The gentle piano “Prologue" instantly telegraphs that something rare and luxurious is on its way. These are the opening chords of Skyness, the gifted pianist/composer Dan Costa's 2018 follow-up to his auspicious 2016 debut, Suite Três Rios (also self-produced), which peaked at number one on the iTunes jazz chart and was named one of the year's ...


Quantum Trio: Quality Studio Live

Read "Quality Studio Live" reviewed by Geno Thackara

Like its cover, Quality Studio Live is an interestingly skewed mix of the familiar and the distorted. It was indeed recorded in a studio (with sound quality to match), yet it benefits from the vibe of a live audience. The deliberate structures of the pieces still allow for kinetic interpretations in the moment. The musical ideas ...


Tony DePaolis: The Contemporary Dynamic

Read "The Contemporary Dynamic" reviewed by Mackenzie Horne

Take everything you know about what a debut record should and should not be. Now promptly throw those ideas into oncoming traffic and don't look back.

Young Pittsburgh bassist Tony DePaolis has redefined the boundaries of the all-important debut record with The Contemporary Dynamic. It's a concept album. It's a double album. ...


Ekdahl / Bagge Big Band: New Thing

Read "New Thing" reviewed by Jack Bowers

It's always exciting and pleasurable to welcome a new member into the jazz world's ever-shrinking big-band fraternity--especially one as sharp and energetic as this. The tasteful and impressive Ekdahl / Bagge Big Band--from Stockholm, Sweden, no less--takes its name from those of its co-leaders, drummer Per Ekdahl and pianist Carl Bagge who composed and / or ...


Long Time No Time: First Time Full Time

Read "First Time Full Time" reviewed by Jim Olin

The Canadian band Long Time No Time must have a fondness for wordplay. The title of their new album, First Time Full Time, is quite clever, already revealing that this five-piece band wants to have fun. It is also a group with a passion for combining the energy of rock with the intricacy of jazz. That's ...


H & J Quintet: Reminisce

Read "Reminisce" reviewed by Jim Olin

H & J Quintet's Reminisce easily separates itself from most jazz releases with its heavy influence of Brazilian and ecclesiastical music, an original combination that already makes the album refreshing. The flute--not a common item in jazz circles--is also an integral part of their sound. Consisting of Berklee alumni, H & J Quintet is a contemporary ...


Benjamin Harrison: Nomad

Read "Nomad" reviewed by Roger Farbey

Australian multi-instrumentalist Benjamin Harrison began his career as a child prodigy, initially playing piano and violin at age four. He then gained a music school scholarship and performed nationally and internationally, including participating in a tour of China as an Australian cultural ambassador in 2003. In 2007, Harrison advanced his formal studies at the University of ...


John Ilija Apelgren and Gordan Spasovski: Midnight Conversation

Read "Midnight Conversation" reviewed by Nenad Georgievski

Duet records can be very revealing. They can demand the utmost attention from two musicians who play either in support, in discussion or entwined. Playing with another person means playing solo and in support at the same time and, when this works well, it can be magical. Something magical happens with the pairing of Macedonian jazz ...


Høbama: Høbama

Read "Høbama" reviewed by Alberto Bazzurro

Il trio Høbama ha avuto origine da un soggiorno bolognese di Claus Højensgård nella primavera del 2016. Nell'occasione il trombettista danese veniva a contatto con i nostri Emanuele Maniscalco, singolarmente da poco rientrato a sua volta proprio dalla Danimarca (Copenaghen), e Nelide Bandello, batterista veronese. Un anno dopo (aprile 2017), al termine di alcuni concerti in ...