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Manicalco, Bigoni, Solborg: Foil

Read "Foil" reviewed by Vincenzo Roggero

Non poteva esserci luogo più adatto--ad ospitare la musica del trio formato da Emanuele Maniscalco, Francesco Bigoni e Mark Solborg--degli ambienti settecenteschi del Ridotto del Teatro Grande di Brescia. Marmi, affreschi e cristalli che non solo fungono da suggestivo coté ma diventano in qualche modo interlocutori inconsapevoli con le dinamiche e le suggestioni musicali create dal ...


Carla Campopiano Trio: Chicago/Buenos Aires Connections

Read "Chicago/Buenos Aires Connections" reviewed by Chris Mosey

Just as jazz was born in the brothels of New Orleans, tango was first played in disreputable dives along the banks of the River Plate (Rio de Plata), which forms the natural border between Argentina and Uruguay. It was a heady mix of the German waltz, the Czech polka, the Polish mazurka, the Bohemian schottische, the ...


Rolling Stones: Beggar’s Banquet 50th Anniversary Edition

Read "Beggar’s Banquet 50th Anniversary Edition" reviewed by C. Michael Bailey

It is hard to properly define when rock music reached its zenith, so I am going to designate that pinnacle as the four-year period between 1968 and 1972. As a not-so-certain coincidence, this same period corresponds to what is considered the Golden Age of the Rolling Stones, which further not-so-certainly coincides with the departure and subsequent ...


Mariel Austin: Runner in the Rain

Read "Runner in the Rain" reviewed by Troy Dostert

In case anyone is wondering whether big-band jazz continues to hold appeal for younger musicians, witness this debut five-track album from trombonist Mariel Austin. Despite (or perhaps because of) her youth, Austin possesses an ambitious and expansive vision. And on Runner in the Rain, she marshals a skilled ensemble, many of whom are friends from the ...


Baldo Martinez: Cuarteto Europa

Read "Cuarteto Europa" reviewed by Mark Sullivan

Spanish bassist/composer Baldo Martínez (founding member of the bands Clunia and Zyklus; worked with trumpeters Kenny Wheeler and Paolo Fresu, pianist Joachim Kuhn and others) leads the aptly named Cuarteto Europa (Quartet Europe) with French violinist Dominique Pifarely (probably best known for his ECM recordings, as a leader and with reedist Louis Sclavis), Swiss trombonist Samuel ...


Nicole Johaenntgen: Henry II

Read "Henry II" reviewed by Ian Patterson

Two years on from Henry (Self-Produced, 2016), a pulsating set of contemporary tunes in the New Orleans brass band tradition, Nicole Johänntgen is once again bitten by the Nawlins bug on this vibrant follow-up. The Zurich-based German saxophonist is joined, as before, by trombonist Jon Ramm, drummer Paul Thibodeaux and sousaphone player Steven Glenn--their collective claws ...


The Gil Evans Orchestra: Hidden Treasures Vol. 1, Monday Nights

Read "Hidden Treasures Vol. 1, Monday Nights" reviewed by Chris Mosey

Gil Evans, the most innovative arranger in the history of jazz, died in 1988. He is remembered for his work with Miles Davis in the 1950s, starting with the ground-breaking album The Birth Of The Cool with a pianoless nonet, and peaking with Miles Ahead, in which he turned a collection of seemingly diverse songs into ...


Alister Spence / Satoko Fujii: Intelsat

Read "Intelsat" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

This is the ninth of twelve CDs celebrating leading-edge pianist, composer Satoko Fujii's 60th birthday. On this album Fujii and Australian keyboardist Alistir Spence (Barre Phillip, Myra Melford) perform a series of over-the-top duets in front of a live audience in 2017 at the Intelstat jazz venue in Kiracho, Nishio, Japan. The artists first met when ...


Roberto Magris: World Gardens

Read "World Gardens" reviewed by Dan McClenaghan

Pianist Roberto Magris adds a percussionist to his piano trio for World Gardens, a set featuring a wide range of musical styles. Magris, born in Trieste, Italy, can best be described as an “international artist," having toured in more than forty countries. He is partially based in the United States, with his (and Paul Collins') Kansas ...


Double Cut: Mappe

Read "Mappe" reviewed by Vincenzo Roggero

Se l'album d'esordio faceva supporre come l'incontro tra differenti generazioni di musicisti e la scelta di una front-line costituita da due sassofoni potessero prendere direzioni diverse rispetto alla pur eccellente riuscita dell'album, potremmo dire che Mappe ne è la conferma. Là a prevalere era la novità dell'incontro, il vedere l'effetto che fa nel confrontare le diverse ...