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Genesis: The Peter Gabriel Years (1967-1975)

Read "Genesis: The Peter Gabriel Years (1967-1975)" reviewed by Trevor MacLaren

During the last thirty years the world has been stuck in the syrupy sludge of the Phil Collins era of Genesis, when it was impossible to distinguish a solo Collins record from a Genesis one. Fans of the original group have long been dismayed by the acquired, gargantuan pop overtones of a band which was one ...


Isaac Hayes: Shaft

Read "Isaac Hayes: Shaft" reviewed by Trevor MacLaren

Isaac Hayes


Stax Records


“Who's that black private dick who's a sex machine with all the chicks? Shaft! Damn right!...

The opening lines to Isaac Hayes' score for the seminal 1971 movie, Shaft, sound like a camp put-on today--but in the early '70s ...


James Taylor Quartet's The First Sixty Four Minutes

Read "James Taylor Quartet's The First Sixty Four Minutes" reviewed by Trevor MacLaren

James Taylor Quartet
The First Sixty Four Minutes
Re-elect The President/Acid Jazz

Though virtually unknown in North America, the James Taylor Quartet has been a cult phenomenon in the UK for the past twenty years. The group began by revitalizing the great soul jazz of Blue Note's ...

Regis Philbin: My Darker Moods

Read "My Darker Moods" reviewed by Trevor MacLaren

Annoying talk show host and wannabe jazz vocalist Regis Philbin has finally made a disc worth buying. Seemingly influenced by Paul Anka's return to the top with Rock Swings, Regis decided to tackle more eclectic and obscure works. After having the gall to release two Rat Pack-influenced vocal records--one in 1968 and another in 2004--and a ...

Sammy Davis Jr.: Sammy Davis Jr.: Satan Swings Baby and That's the Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing But...

Read "Sammy Davis Jr.: Satan Swings Baby and That's the Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing But..." reviewed by Trevor MacLaren

It's no secret that The Candyman was digging the Dark Lord in the early '70s, when he was awarded an honorary Warlock degree by the Church of Satan. But this long-lost recording of odes to the devil is a bit a surprise. These seven tracks were recorded in Los Angeles in 1974 with a small swing ...


Antony and The Johnsons: I Am a Bird Now

Read "Antony and The Johnsons: I Am a Bird Now" reviewed by Trevor MacLaren

Antony and The Johnsons
I Am a Bird Now
Secretly Canadian

This column rarely examines new music, but I am a Bird Now, released in February of 2005, is a notable exception. The record and its composer have been slowly building a cult following in the alternative ...


Black Flag: Family Man & The Process of Weeding Out

Read "Black Flag: Family Man & The Process of Weeding Out" reviewed by Trevor MacLaren

Black Flag
Family Man
Black Flag
The Process of Weeding Out

It is hard to convince many jazz fans that the most influential hardcore punk band of all time created some of the ...


The Tony Williams Lifetime: Emergency!

Read "The Tony Williams Lifetime: Emergency!" reviewed by Trevor MacLaren

The Tony Williams Lifetime

A few months back I came across a great book written on the last forty years of jazz, Howard Mandel's Future Jazz. The book covered a lot of stylistic ground, including avant-garde, fusion, and free. It basically touched on ...


Mats/Morgan Band: Thanks For Flying With Us

Read "Thanks For Flying With Us" reviewed by Trevor MacLaren

The Mats/Morgan band is centered around child prodigies Mats Oberg and Morgan Ägren, who worship at that altar of American composer and cult icon Frank Zappa. Oberg, who by the age of three was singing, playing keyboards, and listening to Miles Davis, would later hone a palette that would include progressive rock and funk. Ägren is ...


Ndio: Airback

Read "Airback" reviewed by Trevor MacLaren

In the past few years there has been a revival of the legendary Canterbury scene, especially where Soft Machine is concerned. It's certainly not that progressive rock, fusion, or free jazz has fallen off the map, but the Canterburians had a sound that was distinct, yet embraced these genres. Soft Machine had a sound that was ...