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Hypnotic Brass Ensemble: Book Of Sound

Read "Book Of Sound" reviewed by Gareth Thompson

A group playing brass instruments in a New York subway once hypnotised a businessman. He was so mesmerised by their music that he stood listening for ages and missed numerous trains. Relaying this later to the performing band of brothers, he helped create their name.

Book Of Sound is the second album by Hypnotic ...


The Songs of Scott Walker (1967-70) at Royal Albert Hall

Read "The Songs of Scott Walker (1967-70) at Royal Albert Hall" reviewed by John Eyles

Scott Walker
Royal Albert Hall
BBC Proms
July 25, 2017

Opportunities to hear Scott Walker's music performed in public are few and far between, the last notable events before this one having been at the Barbican theatre in November 2008. Featuring several performers, notably including Damon Albarn and Jarvis ...


Chassol: Indiamore

Read "Indiamore" reviewed by Fiona Ord-Shrimpton

The album Indiamore by French pianist and composer Christophe Chassol is a mix of fusion that quite possibly will appeal to art house jazz fans as well as more mainstream music fans.

All required gimmickry abounds:--Artsy, iconographic album cover, a neat global concept --far-flung discovery trips to India working out how to find an ...


Late Mali Guitarist Lobi Traoré on Live Recordings

We first met the legendary African singer/guitarist Lobi Traoré in one of the many dimly lit, grimy nightclubs of Bamako in Mali. Considered one of Mali's most exciting, original, and enigmatic guitarists, he immediately made an impact. His overdriven amp, ungrounded fuzzbox pedal and the occasional blast of feedback made for a raw electric blues soundscape ...


Street Energy in a Festive Ruckus of African Grooves and Western Pop

Damon Albarn & the Honest Jon's Revue featured, from left, Lobi Traor (with hat), Adama Sissoko, Victoria Williams (in white), Kokanko Sata and Mr. Albarn.

The Honest Jon's Revue started with more than two dozen musicians walking on stage. This made a good minute of theater: there were musicians from Mali, sitting down to ancient ...