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Mark Holub

Drummer, composer and bandleader originally from the US and now based in Vienna, he is most notably known as the bandleader and composer for Led Bib. With Led Bib, he was nominated for the Mercury Music Prize 2009 (One of 12 albums of the year) and he was also a winner of the Peter Whittingham Jazz Award 2005. Led Bib have topped college radio charts across the US and Canada and have played live across TV and radio in Europe including BBC 2, Channel 4(UK), WDR, BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 2, ORF(Austria), XFM, Radio 1 (Prague), BBC Radio 3, Radio 6(NL) ,BBC Radio 4 and many more. They have released 8 albums and have toured to some of the highest profile festivals in Europe including North Sea Jazz Festival, Jazzfestival Berlin, London Jazz Festival, Saalfelden Jazz Festival and many others


Eric Clapton at Wiener Stadthalle

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Eric Clapton
Wiener Stadthalle
Vienna, Austria
June 6, 2019

In his hands is the instrument of eternal damnation and salvation and a passage ticket either in hell or heaven. He is a master guitarist and a mythical beast whose songs and guitar virtuosity have elicited the entire spectrum of ...


Michaela Rabitsch

Michaela Rabitsch, singer, composer and Austria’s only and top female jazz trumpet player is called a modern day female Chet Baker by the US magazine Jazzscene. Together with her ingenious partner, composer and incredible fluid guitarist Robert Pawlik, she co leads their quartet and duo. With „Gimme The Groove “, they present their 6th common studio release and celebrate their jubilee 20 years together on the road. The tunes root on the one hand in the melodic stiles of the Jazz tradition, like Hardbop, Swing, Modern Jazz, New Orleans Second Line and Blues, and, on the other hand, form fusions with elements of Indian, African or Latin American music


Remembering Art Farmer

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This interview was first published at All About Jazz in November 1999 and is part of our ongoing effort to archive pre-database material.

This interview was originally broadcast at the time on Blue Lake Public Radio; portions of this interview appeared in an advance article published by the Grand Rapids Press.

Lazaro ...


Kronos Festival 2017

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Kronos Quartet
Kronos Festival 2017
San Francisco, CA
February 4-6, 2017

“I'd started playing string quartets when I was 12, and one day when I was 14, I was gazing at a map of the world and suddenly realized that all the quartet music I'd ever heard--Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, ...


Gina Schwarz Unit featuring Jim Black: Woodclock

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Austrian, Vienna-based double bassist Gina Schwarz found a true, like-minded musical partner that helped her realize her irreverent vision for today's jazz. American drummer Jim Black joined Schwarz's quintet for her fifth album, solidifying her reputation as a “live-cell therapy to jazz," an opinionated musician who likes to play with opposites--wise and free, gentle and wild, ...


Jazz In The Spirit Of Summer: "Sommeralbum," New Release By

Jazz In The Spirit Of Summer: "Sommeralbum," New Release By

Following their Christmas album (Weihnachtsalbum, December 2015), the Sommeralbum is the second release by, a formation of seasoned players with international credits from Vienna, Austria, featuring Thomas Barth (piano), Johannes Strasser respectively Christoph Petschina (double bass) and Wolfgang Wehner (drums). Which atmospheres of the season of golden glowing moments are musically painted, which stories are being ...


Franz Koglmann, Mario Arcari, Attila Pasztor: g(ood)luck

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Torna Franz Koglmann, di cui avevamo un po' perso le tracce, e rinverdisce umori e architetture del glorioso trio KoKoKo (Koglmann Koltermann Koch), sempre col suo flicorno (più di rado la tromba) a dialogare morbidamente con un'ancia e un arco grave. Oggi le geometrie appaiono se possibile ancor più oleate, l'ancia è doppia, e il lessico ...


I 10 Cd nel CD-Player di... Georg Breinschmid

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01.Jaco Pastorius -Jaco Pastorius -(Epic -1976).
Il debutto da leader, un disco mitico che mi ha influenzato sin dal primo ascolto. Sicuramente uno dei più grandi dischi di tutti i tempi. Un capolavoro eterno e spirituale.

02. Emerson, Lake & Palmer -Welcome Back My Friends -(Manticore -1970)
Ho ricominciato a riascoltarlo ...


Max Nagl, Herwig Gradischnig, Peter Herbert, Michael Vatcher: A Day in My Life

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Concepito come un LP, con un lato A (i primi quattro brani) e un lato B (gli altri quattro) e i canonici quaranta minuti di durata totale, questo CD trae spunto, almeno nel titolo, dalla canzone dei Beatles che chiude il leggendario Sgt. Pepper's..., “A Day in the Life," anche se poi, al di là della ...