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Maurizio Brunod, Giorgio Li Calzi, Boris Savoldelli: Nostalgia Progressiva

Read "Nostalgia Progressiva" reviewed by Neri Pollastri

Nato da un'idea di Maurizio Brunod discussa e messa a punto prima con Boris Savoldelli, poi con Giorgio Li Calzi, questo disco documenta un progetto ben individuato dall'indovinato titolo Nostalgia Progressiva: rileggere alcune pagine di quella “variante" del rock degli anni Sessanta-Settanta diventata nota come progressive, alla quale molti appassionati del jazz sono rimasti legati, in ...


Leonardo Pavkovic: Nothing is Ordinary

Read "Leonardo Pavkovic: Nothing is Ordinary" reviewed by Chris M. Slawecki

More than any other person, Leonardo Pavkovic has made me write some crazy shit.

Pavkovic is the primal force behind the joyously eclectic MoonJune Records, which he established in 2001. “Established" may not be the right word: “I am truly an unusual and rules breaking call-it-record-company with a 'label' identity despite the fact that ...


Jazz & Wine Of Peace Festival 2017

Read "Jazz & Wine Of Peace Festival 2017" reviewed by Neri Pollastri

Jazz & Wine of Peace Festival
Cormòns (GO)
Teatro Comunale di Cormòns e varie sedi nel Collio e in Slovenia

Arrivava all'edizione numero venti il Jazz & Wine of Peace di Cormòns, che ha celebrato l'avvenimento con un disco, un libro (non solo) di fotografie (dei quali parliamo ...


Open Papyrus Jazz Festival 2017

Read "Open Papyrus Jazz Festival 2017" reviewed by Alberto Bazzurro

Teatro Giacosa, Sala S. Marta e ZAC

Edizione numero 37 della rassegna ideata da Sergio Ramella (più volte ricordato sul palco) e portata poi avanti da Music Studio e dal direttore artistico Massimo Barbiero, con un programma, riferendoci a quest'anno, decisamente invitante (cui diciamo subito che farà seguito il ...


Dwiki Dharmawan's Pasar Klewer Plays Indonesia

Read "Dwiki Dharmawan's Pasar Klewer Plays Indonesia" reviewed by John Ephland

Dwiki Dharmawan's Pasar Klewer
Various Locations
Bandung and Jakarta, Indonesia
March 2-5, 2017

It was supposed to just be a soundcheck and rehearsal. But the energy and focus delivered as Indonesian pianist/composer Dwiki Dharmawan ran his Pasar Klewer band through the various numbers most of this group had recorded in ...

Garrison Fewell: Flawless Dust / Unbroken Circuit

Read "Garrison Fewell: Flawless Dust / Unbroken Circuit" reviewed by Neri Pollastri

Garrison Fewell, uno dei maggiori improvvisatori contemporanei, è scomparso il 5 luglio del 2015, non ancora sessantaduenne, per un male incurabile di cui aveva consapevolezza da molti mesi. Negli ultimi tempi aveva frequentato spesso il nostro paese (lo scorso anno è anche uscita per Auditorium la traduzione italiana del suo libro Lo spirito della musica creativa. ...


Dwiki Dharmawan: Pasar Klewer

Read "Pasar Klewer" reviewed by Dave Wayne

Another day, another two- disc set. Or so it seems. Fortunately, one does not have to wade through Dwiki Dharmawan's Pasar Klewer. Despite some odd choices in track sequence one may even wonder ..."is that all?" after the second disc has finished its spin. Dharmawan is an Indonesian jazz pianist who, like so many of his ...


Savoldelli - Casarano - Bardoscia: The Great Jazz Gig In The Sky

Read "The Great Jazz Gig In The Sky" reviewed by Roger Farbey

There have been many tribute albums to great rock records but perhaps fewer in a jazz idiom. Two notable ones were Mike Westbrook's Off Abbey Road and Sandy Brown's Hair At It's Hairiest. So this paean to one of the best selling albums of all time, Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon is a welcome ...

Take Five with Boris Savoldelli

Read "Take Five with Boris Savoldelli" reviewed by boris savoldelli

About Boris Savoldelli:
Boris is a vocal performer with a brilliant personality. He's always been in love with his “vocal instrument" and its extraordinary possibilities. He loves to find different original ways of singing, due to his eclectic background, from classical studies to jazz singing (thanks to his mentor Mark Murphy), passing from funk-rock ...


Jazz & Beyond: Re-interpretation Of "The Dark Side Of The Moon" By Savoldelli, Casarano and Bardoscia

Jazz & Beyond: Re-interpretation Of "The Dark Side Of The Moon" By Savoldelli, Casarano and Bardoscia

There’s an old joke among instrumentalists: What do you call someone who hangs around with musicians? Answer: A singer. While this stereotype is overgeneralized to the point of being offensive, it is sadly too often the case that vocalists, particularly in the realm of mainstream commercial music, lack the deep musical knowledge of their instrumental counterparts. But ...