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Igor Butman and Moscow Jazz Orchestra

Moscow Jazz Orchestra rendered by Downbeat as “an outfit of virtuosos” is one of the world's hottest jazz orchestras and features 17 splendid jazz musicians. Essentially it is Igor Butman Orchestra, founded in 1999 by the world famous saxophone player Igor Butman. Since then his Big Band has frequently toured Russia, Europe, and the USA, appearing at many of the world's most prestigious jazz venues, including Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, "Birdland" and others. In 2012 Igor Butman Orchestra became The Moscow state jazz orchestra conducted by Igor Butman. Downbeat magazine in its recent review of the Umbria Jazz Festival compared the Orchestra to the three finest jazz orchestras of all time: “The Igor Butman Big Band..

Igor Butman Quintet

Igor Butman also leads the Igor Butman Quartet, unity of five Russia’s topmost jazz soloists. Working together since 1999, the band has evolved into Russia’s best touring hardcore jazz unit. The rhythm section of the quartet consists of pianist Nick Levinovsky, guitarist Evgeny Pobozhiy, bass player Sergey Korchagin and drummer Eduard Zizak. The creator of Allegro band, legendary pianist and composer Nick Levinovsky has played with Igor Butman since 1983, when the saxophonist joined Allegro. Levinovsky moved to New York in 1990, and Butman moved back to Moscow in 1995, but this fact doesn’t prevent the musicians from successful collaboration lasting for nearly 30 years! At the time when Eduard Zizak joined Igor, he was already an experienced and reliable player who has worked for one of the Russia’s most popular big bands, the MKS Big Band led by Anatoly Kroll

MUSICIAN Active since:

The Second Approach Trio

The Second Approach project's origin is Russian culture, if we mean Fyodor Dostoevsky, Sergei Prokofiev, Marc Chagall and Slavic songs. Their style of improvised music was definitely and unmistakably born in Russia. What the band performs seems to go beyond standard definitions. It provokes controversy, interest and liking. The leader of the trio is an experienced composer, master of piano improvisation, {{m: Andrei Razin = 55620}}, a unique singer, member of well-known Gypsy band "Romen", Tatyana Komova, and one of the key acoustic bass players in Russia, Igor Ivanushkin, complete the band


M-ARTel Project

M-ARTel - instrumental jazz-rock/fusion band with a pronounced Russian flavor, creative association that since 2010 is making a unique musical projects. It sounds like Charlie Parker jamming with Led Zeppelin, as Jimi Hendrix in John Coltrane's quartet. The author, inspirer and permanent member of the the band - a professional musician, saxophonist - Michael Levanov.

MUSICIAN Active since:

Vezhlivy Otkaz

“Vezhlivy Otkaz, which means “polite refusal” in English, is one of the most original and erratic rock bands in Russia. It was formed in 1985 with a then-popular reggae/ska blend. Since then, they have gone through numerous stylistic changes, flirting with everything from free jazz to Russian folk. Their sound, however, has always been unique and immediately recognizable. Roman Suslov’s rhythmic guitar work and unusual high-pitched vocals gives VO’s music a precisely constructed, crystal-clear sound that is completely devoid of any of the extra noise so typical of rock-n-roll. The sound is so well organized that sounds almost academic.” Artemy Troitsky @ “Moscow Times”) “Some imprints of various music styles from Prokofiev to tango nuevo and Soviet songs might be found in the music of Geese and Swans


Alina Rostoskaya

Her music style can be described as acoustic fusion based on russian folk and classical music traditions and improvisation. Alina has participated in number of international jazz festivals and competitions, such as Moscow Competition of jazz vocalists (Grand Prix), Voicingers (Poland, second prize), Riga Jazz Stage (Latvia, third prize and special prize), Nomme Jazz (Estonia, special prize). She also became a finalist of TV show "Big Jazz" on Culture channel of the central television . For the last several years Alina works with her project Jazzmobile. She experiments with styles, sings both in Russian and English, but also she likes to use her voice as a musical instrument singing without any words


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