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Craig Fraedrich Tony Nalker: Alone Together

Read "Alone Together" reviewed by Nicholas F. Mondello

An involved listening to this oxymoron-titled album could easily have one thinking that trumpeter Craig Fraedrich and pianist Tony Nalker probably could have been categorized by Audobon as “birds of a musical feather." That's not a surprise since both spent decades in the elite U.S. Army Blues Jazz Ensemble and they've worked together on Fraedrich's previous ...


Johnny Costa: Mr. Rogers' Piano

Johnny Costa: Mr. Rogers' Piano

Two jazz pianists come to mind when talk turns to children. The first and best known is Vince Guaraldi, the composer of songs and incidental music for the Charlie Brown specials and the pianist who played them. Guaraldi died in 1976. The second keyboard player is Johnny Costa, the musical director and keyboard player on Mister ...

Jazzing Up Childhood Memories

Read "Jazzing Up Childhood Memories" reviewed by Jerome Wilson

Jazz musicians today sometimes draw on all sorts of popular culture for inspiration, including the television shows they grew up with. Here are two fine examples.

The Flying Horse Big Band
The Bat Swings!
Flying Horse Records

The University of Central Florida's Flying Horse Big Band presents a ...


Johnny Costa

Johnny Costa

The recent Rifftides review of pianist Sullivan Fortner’s new album mentions Johnny Costa as an influence. The influence came early. Like millions of other American children, Fortner grew up watching Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. He was captivated by the music Costa played with his trio on the television show. Costa was Rogers’ musical director from the birth ...