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Content by tag "Caroline Davis"

ears&eyes Records: From Chicago to the World

Read "ears&eyes Records: From Chicago to the World" reviewed by Jakob Baekgaard

Those who feel that jazz has run out of steam, that there is nothing new to say, should encounter bassist and renaissance man, Matthew Golombisky, who runs the Chicago-based label ears&eyes. The name says it all. Golombisky is interested in what is going on around him. He is not only curious about music, but also passionate ...

Charles Rumback: Threes

Read "Threes" reviewed by Troy Dostert

In becoming an outlet for the Chicago scene and elsewhere during the last ten years, the ears&eyes label has recently done its share to highlight the work of drummer Charles Rumback. 2015 was a particularly productive year for him, in fact: he released a quartet record (In the New Year) with altoist Caroline Davis, guitarist Jeff ...

Caroline Davis

Read "Caroline Davis" reviewed by Vincenzo Roggero

After honing her skills on the jny: Chicago scene, Caroline Davis has rapidly established herself as an in-demand musician and educator in jny: New York, where she moved in 2013, and internationally. Her debut album, Live Work & Play, was featured on All About Jazz's best releases. The leader or co-leader of several interesting projects, ranging ...

Whirlpool with Ron Miles: Dancing on the Inside / Charles Rumback: In the New Year

Read "Whirlpool with Ron Miles: Dancing on the Inside / Charles Rumback: In the New Year" reviewed by Vincenzo Roggero

Whirlpool with Ron Miles
Dancing on the Inside
Valutazione: * * * *

Whirlpool è un trio che nasce nel 2011 in occasione di un tributo alla figura di Paul Motian che era da poco scomparso. Circa due anni dopo avviene l'incontro solo apparentemente occasionale con Ron Miles, idolo ...

I 10 CD nel CD-Player di... Caroline Davis

Read "I 10 CD nel CD-Player di... Caroline Davis" reviewed by Vincenzo Roggero

01. Arthur Russell-Tower of Meaning (Chatham Square -1983).
Ho cominciato ad ascoltare Arthur Russell nel 2006. Originariamente pensato come sonorizzazione di un lavoro di Robert Wilson è diventato un disco che funziona autonomamente. Non ci sono grandiosi eventi ritmici né particolari modulazioni, ma si possono avvertire movimenti continui che danno un senso al tutto. È ...

Caroline Davis: Doors: Chicago Storylines

Read "Doors: Chicago Storylines" reviewed by Vincenzo Roggero

Caroline Davis si è fatta le ossa, musicalmente parlando, a Chicago città nella quale coltiva una serie di amicizie eccellenti -il contrabbassista Art Davis e il tenorista Von Freeman su tutti -e dove decide di mettere in piedi il suo attuale quartetto. Diventa quindi un'esigenza storico-affettiva -ora che da qualche tempo si è stabilita a New ...


Curtis Sydnor: Materials and Their Destiny

Read "Materials and Their Destiny" reviewed by Vincenzo Roggero

L'ispirazione per Materials and Their Destiny arriva da un testo di filosofia dell'architettura di Louis Sullivan, padre del Movimento Moderno negli Stati Uniti. L'idea è quella di un viaggio sincronizzato tra l'improvvisazione della band sul palco e l'animazione di linee, traiettorie, forme, proiettata su di un grande schermo. Idea non nuova ma affascinante, in relazione alla ...


Caroline Davis: Doors: Chicago Storylines

Read "Doors: Chicago Storylines" reviewed by Hrayr Attarian

Doors: Chicago Storylines is altoist Caroline Davis' unique take on oral history. Interweaving original compositions with area musicians' narratives Davis reconstructs the history of Chicago jazz in a uniquely engaging and articulate style.

On “Chicago Sound?" for instance, after a discussion on the type of jazz played in various neighborhoods, Davis plays soulfully with ...


"Doors: Chicago Storylines," New CD By Alto Saxophonist/Composer Caroline Davis, Due Nov. 6

"Doors: Chicago Storylines," New CD By Alto Saxophonist/Composer Caroline Davis, Due Nov. 6

Following the release of her much-praised 2012 debut, Live Work & Play, alto saxophonist and composer Caroline Davis relocated from jny: Chicago to jny: New York City and got to work on an ambitious project that had been germinating for seven years. To honor her eight-year residency in Chicago, she combines spoken stories and original compositions ...


Caili O'Doherty: Padme

Read "Padme" reviewed by Hrayr Attarian

On her intriguing debut Padme pianist Caili O'Doherty showcases her superb skills as a composer, an improviser and a bandleader. The individual musicians' spontaneous expressions are integrated within the harmonic construct of her nine originals that comprise the album. As such the solos sound as natural extensions of the prewritten music making O'Doherty's freshman effort dynamically ...