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A Professional Jazz Musician? Really? What's That?

Read "A Professional Jazz Musician? Really? What's That?" reviewed by Peter Rubie

I've been around as a musician long enough to understand when a promoter or booker ghosts me. “Yeah, sure, send me an email," they say in that sincere way that sounds like someone saying, “Of course I love you" just to shut you up. It comes with the territory, and a musician has to be Zen ...


Doc: Sal Mosca (Un-Sung)

Doc: Sal Mosca (Un-Sung)

For years, cool-school pianist Sal Mosca labored as a student of Lennie Tristano, recording only sporadically. He avoided touring with top stars as their accompanist to be with his family and to teach his students. Before Mosca died in 2007, James M. Lester was able to make this wonderful short documentary—Sal Mosca (Un- Sung): To read ...


To Dream the Impossible Dream: the quest for a music education

Read "To Dream the Impossible Dream: the quest for a music education" reviewed by Peter Rubie

I've been thinking a lot about how jazz is taught recently. I realize now, my search for a real musical education was not a simple thing, but a series of life changing moments. My son, on the other hand, is planning to study music in college after he finishes high school. Though it would fill his ...


Sal Mosca: Holland, June 1981

Sal Mosca: Holland, June 1981

One of the most important collections of Sal Mosca's piano work has just hit the market. The five-CD package—Sal Mosca: Too Marvelous for Words (Cadence)—includes 56 tracks of the the pianist performing on tour in the Netherlands in June 1981. The material features five solo concerts by Mosca between June 19 and June 24 and gives ...


Sal Mosca: The Talk of the Town. Live at BimHuis

Read "The Talk of the Town. Live at BimHuis" reviewed by Maurizio Zerbo

Una lectio magistralis sull'esplorazione degli standard jazzistici. Si può definire così questo sublime set olandese del 1992, dove tutto sembra funzionare a meraviglia. A sedersi in cattedra è Sal Mosca, fedele discepolo di Lennie Tristano, per dispensare un caleidoscopio emozionante di note. Tra fitte destrutturazioni tematiche e sontuose sostituzioni armoniche, il pianista ...


Halperin/Nyberg Connection: Snow Tiger

Read "Snow Tiger" reviewed by James Pearse

There is no such thing as a 'snow tiger.' The closest species that exists is the Siberian tiger but they are the same colour as their Indian cousins (white tigers are “circus-bred mutants" according to the BBC). So, you may ask, what does this creature have to do with a cross-generational collaboration between a pioneer of ...


I 10 CD nel CD-Player di... Kirk Knuffke

Read "I 10 CD nel CD-Player di... Kirk Knuffke" reviewed by Vincenzo Roggero

01. John Tchicai -Reggie Workman -Andrew Cyrille -Witch's Scream (TUM Records -2006). Sono stato recentemente ad un concerto in solo di Andrew Cyrille. Avvincente. E dopo il concerto ho acquistato questo CD direttamente da lui. Ho suonato brevemente con John Tchicai prima che ci lasciasse, aveva una tale forza, una tale energia! Suonava e cantava ...


Sal Mosca: Holland, 1992

Sal Mosca: Holland, 1992

Out today is a superb two-CD set of previously unreleased live solo recordings by pianist Sal Mosca at the Bimhuis in jny: Amsterdam on November 14, 1992. The recordings on Sal Mosca: The Talk of the Town (Sunnyside) come from the Mosca estate, and the sound is superb. The two CDs feature all jazz standards, like ...

Take Five With Thomas Winther Andersen

Read "Take Five With Thomas Winther Andersen" reviewed by Thomas Winther Andersen

Meet Thomas Winther Andersen:Originally from Norway, Thomas Winther Andersen now lives in Amsterdam. At 13, he began playing electric bass, and after a few years his love for jazz became so strong that he decided to switch instruments and learn to play upright bass. Thomas studied music at the Amsterdam Conservatory from 1988 to ...

Take Five With Libby Richman

Read "Take Five With Libby Richman" reviewed by Libby Richman

Meet Libby Richman: Composer, reed player Libby Richman leads an ensemble that plays original contemporary jazz. Her sound echoes the influences of Classical, Latin, and Pop music. She is a Meet the Composer grant recipient. Open Strings, released in February, is her third CD. She has traveled widely as a professional musician, leading ...


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