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Mark Corroto's Top Ten (Ok Fifteen) of 2018

Read "Mark Corroto's Top Ten (Ok Fifteen) of 2018" reviewed by Mark Corroto

Another trip around the sun. In the AllAboutJazz universe, the stars were especially bright this year. Which is a good thing, unless you are like me, trying to pare down a huge list of favorites to just ten. At that task, I've failed once again. So here are my 15 favorite recordings of 2018 in no ...


Jeremiah Cymerman: Decay Of The Angel

Read "Decay Of The Angel" reviewed by Mark Corroto

I don't recall the soundtrack to the original Bladerunner, Ridley Scott's 1982 film starring Harrison Ford. The movie, an adaptation of science fiction writer Philip K. Dick's novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, blurs the line between human and android. That same obfuscation (electroacoustic) is at the heart of Jeremiah Cymerman's solo recording Decay of ...


Hugo Carvalhais: Grand Valis

Read "Grand Valis" reviewed by Neri Pollastri

Hugo Carvalhais, trentottenne contrabbassista di Oporto presenta il suo terzo disco (nel primo, Nebulosa, sempre per la Clean Feed, era presente Tim Berne) con una formazione assai particolare: al suo fianco, infatti, il tastierista Gabriel Pinto, impiegato soprattutto all'organo, e il violinista Dominique Pifarély, oltre a Jeremiah Cymerman all'elettronica.

Come testimoniato già dai titoli ...


Harris Eisenstadt: Full Steam Ahead

Read "Harris Eisenstadt: Full Steam Ahead" reviewed by James Pearse

As well as three current working (and touring) ensembles, a busy recording schedule and a flourishing teaching career, Toronto, Canada-born percussionist/composer Harris Eisenstadt is also a family man. Now settled in New York City, it's been a busy year, with four recordings-September Trio (Clean Feed, 2011), Canada Day III (Songlines, 2012), Canada Day II (Songlines, 2011), ...


Jeremiah Cymerman - "Under a Blue Grey Sky" (Porter)

Jeremiah Cymerman - "Under a Blue Grey Sky" (Porter)

Clarinetist Jeremiah Cymerman caps his licorice stick in favor of composer's quill on his latest disc. The album-length titular piece comprises six acts and an interlude for string quartet. Cymerman's hand is also active in the electronic “treatments" he adds to the strings players' interactions. His picks for participants prove inspired choices with Jessica Pavone and ...


Talibam, I Heart Lung, Jeremiah Cymerman on Ecstatic Jazz Duos 12" Series

Talibam, I Heart Lung, Jeremiah Cymerman on Ecstatic Jazz Duos 12" Series

The Ecstatic Jazz Duos 12" Series collects six of the most innovative duos in the avant-jazz/free-noise realm. Each duo contributes a side of vinyl over three LPs (each in an edition of 500) to be released over 2008. The subscription (limited to just 100) includes all three 12"s plus stickers, buttons, and a CDr of exclusive ...