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Alekos K. Vretos: K On Top

Read "K On Top" reviewed by C. Michael Bailey

All musical genre can be blended with one another. As I get older and more persnickety, I am coming to believe that just because two musical traditions can be blended that they necessarily should be. I have listened to countless experiments with cross-pollination that best have been left alone. Gratefully, this is not true of Greek ...


Alekos Vretos Releases His New Album "K On Top"

Alekos Vretos Releases His New Album "K On Top"

Jadeo Music & Ankh Jazz presents K on Top, a new CD by Alekos K. Vretos. After his debut album Mergin’ in 2009, oud soloist and composer Alekos K. Vretos embarked on a new journey through music he loves. Mixing and matching over the years with his various ensembles (trios, quartets, quintets), he found the musical balance ...