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Mai Leisz

Mai Leisz is a bassplayer and composer from the shadowland of the North: post-soviet country, Estonia, where she was born and raised. In 2010 she made the move to Sweden where she honed her craft as an electric bass player and composer. She started gaining wider exposure with her own jazz-fusion group MaiGroup as well as freelancing with different jazz bands and pop artists: Linnea Henriksson, Ebbot Lundberg, Petra Marklund, Carola, Norrbotten Big Band, New Places Orchestra, Brady Blade, Håkan Broström and Estonian legends Tõnis Mägi, Riho Sibul and Jaak Johanson. Her tireless work ethic, melodic bass playing and versatility has raised her name among the world’s top musicians


Tallinn Music Week 2018

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83 venues in Tallinn
Tallin Music Week
Tallinn, Estonia
April 5-7, 2018

Tallinn Music Week (TMW) is an international multidisciplinary cross-genre festival. The festival is in its tenth year, founded and led by Helen Sildna. With more than 260 acts from 30 countries spread across 83 venues in ...


Jazzkaar 2017

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Jazzkaar 2017
Tallinn, Estonia
April 21-30, 2017

Jazzkaar covers most territories. This exceptional 10-day festival presents the best players on the indigenous Estonian scene, imports big-name acts from the USA, and also invites some choice artists from around the rest of Europe. Some shows represent jazz in mainstream mode, whilst ...


Tallinn Music Week 2017

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Tallinn Music Week 2017
Tallinn, Estonia
March 30-April 1, 2017

Although running for the advertised week, this festival-cum-conference concentrates its actual showcase concerts over an intense three-day period. The remaining days are taken up with art exhibitions, food-tasting sessions, and conference/seminar/talk events. Besides the delegate and general ticketed programmes, there ...


Jazzkaar 2016

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Tallinn, Estonia
April 22-May 1, 2016

The Jazzkaar festival has been an annual event in Tallinn, Estonia, since 1990, when Soviet dominance was crumbling. Its roots lie in the original 1966 and '67 jazz festivals, before these were banned by those Russian occupiers. Surely the presence of honorary hippie ...


Arvo Part: Musica Selecta: A Sequence by Manfred Eicher

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Of all the longstanding relationships built between its artists and Manfred Eicher, the musical partnership of ECM Records' founder/primary producer and Estonian composer Arvo Pärt--who turned 80 years old on September 11, 2015--has to be one of the label's most important and fruitful. Certainly, amidst ECM's more composition-focused New Series imprint, there are few others whose ...


Gourmet Duo Plus' New Album "Live In Tallinn (jazzkaar Festival 2011)" A Feast For Ears

Gourmet Duo Plus' new album Live in Tallinn (Jazzkaar Festival 2011) is a delicate yet bold fine offering of more than a feast for the senses - all of them. The name of the band makes one hungry for all the great delicacies. Emotions spill out with the great American Songbook cover “Love Letters." In the background ...


Abraham's Cafe at Theatre No 99

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Abraham's Cafe
Theatre No 99
Tallinn, Estonia
September 19th 2014

The popular repertory theater Theatre No99 on the edge of Tallinn's charming medieval old town becomes a musical showcase on certain Friday nights. On September 19th, the featured artist was the innovative sextet, Abraham's Cafe whose debut album Journey to ...


Jazzkaar 2014

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Jazzkaar 2014
Tallinn, Estonia
April 16-28, 2014

Any opportunity to return to Tallinn, the capital of Estonia in Eastern Europe, is one worth grabbing. Beyond the somewhat surreal feeling of being in a country that, just 23 years ago, was a completely different place, Tallinn is, quite simply, one of the most ...

Baltic Mood! Nuovi suoni dall’Estonia

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Nazione piccola--nemmeno un milione e mezzo di abitanti--ma ricca di talento musicale, l'Estonia.
I nomi più famosi sono certamente quelli di Arvo Pärt o del direttore d'orchestra Neeme Järvi, ma anche altri compositori percorrono con originalità le strade della scrittura contemporanea.

ECM abbina ad esempio due dischi interessanti nelle sue uscite ...