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Formats – Solo Through Nonet

Read "Formats – Solo Through Nonet" reviewed by C. Michael Bailey

One plus Two, equals three, and so on. What arbitrary combo size constitutes a big band? None of these.

Solo: Jamie Saft
Solo a Genova
RareNoise Records

That musical provocateur Jamie Saft, he is a prankster. After making all kinds of noise with the likes of Metallic Taste ...


The Spanish Donkey: Raoul

Read "Raoul" reviewed by Luca Muchetti

Una tempesta di suoni, un incantesimo sonoro dai profili affilati e dal cuore elettrico. Ecco cosa è Raoul, ultimo nato in casa Spanish Donkey, la formazione composta da Joe Morris, Jamie Saft e Mike Pride. Tre musicisti che ergono un muro sonoro che, sebbene non originalissimo, sa affascinare l'ascoltatore sensibile a quel filone della musica che ...


RareNoise To Release Plymouth in April

Following on the heels of their successful collaboration on 2013's Slobber Pup, one of the most intensely throbbing releases in the RareNoise catalog, keyboardist Jamie Saft and guitarist Joe Morris have reunited for another potent and provocative offering in Plymouth. Joining them on the three expansive pieces that comprise this purely improvised set are the indelible ...


The Spanish Donkey: XYX

Read "XYX" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

A volte, non esiste nulla di più confortante del rumore. Il rumore come spazzatura della storia, si dice. Il rumore come memoria, appunto, oppure, l'Arte dei Rumori. La confusione, il fracasso, rendono un'opera moderna viva, dentro alla quale è facilmente percepibile la consistenza emotiva dell'autore, del musicista, del suo imminente atto. L'improvvisazione - nel “pasticcio" cromatico di Jason ...


The Spanish Donkey: XYX

Read "XYX" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

The Spanish Donkey imparts a take-no-prisoners approach with flailing electronics, bristling movements and a sonic assault that remains consistent during the two extended works of XYX. Meant to be played at a relatively high volume, this trio of prominent, modern-era improvisers/stylists adheres to a semi-controlled state of chaos, marked by doomsday theme-building exercises and polytonal noise ...