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Dusseldorf Rally: Jazz's Best Kept Secret?

Read "Dusseldorf Rally: Jazz's Best Kept Secret?" reviewed by Phillip Woolever

Year after year, the Dusseldorf Jazz Rally continues to provide visitors with one of the finest festival experiences to be found in Western Europe. While other events in the region may spend more on self-promotion, feature more prominent line-ups or gather more media coverage, the Jazz Rally cheerfully and consistently serves up what is quite likely ...


Omer Klein: Fearless Friday

Read "Fearless Friday" reviewed by Ian Patterson

From Israel to Boston and then to New York, Omer Klein has followed the path of so many of his compatriots--up to a point. His debut as outright leader, Introducing Omer Klein (Smalls Records, 2008), announced a unique voice, one that blended folkloric, classical and contemporary colors quite seamlessly. Three further recordings cemented Klein's reputation as ...


Omer Klein: Theme and Variations

Read "Omer Klein: Theme and Variations" reviewed by Robin Arends

One of the numerous talents that Israel has produced in the last decade is pianist Omer Klein. He is a much sought-after guest at various music venues in Europe, Israel and the U.S and last April he had his first tour in Canada. Klein, grew up in Netanya, Israel. After he received a special scholarship Klein ...


The 23nd Tel Aviv Jazz Festival, February 21-24, 2012

The Tel Aviv Jazz Festival, in its 23rd year, is one of the most prominent and important jazz events in Israel. It has gained a reputation in Israel and abroad for attracting both Israeli and international jazz personalities, and is also well known for its special music projects. However, its main appeal is the exciting annual ...


Dida Pelled: Plays And Sings

Read "Plays And Sings" reviewed by Dan Bilawsky

While no “one size fits all" prescription exists for molding and educating unique artists, some schools seem to have an exceptional track record. A large segment of the who's who of jazz greats from Detroit went through Cass Technical High School and more than a few Texas jazz titans received their education at Booker T. Washington ...

Omer Klein: Heart Beats

Read "Heart Beats" reviewed by Jim Santella

Considering the rhythmic spark that freshens this program, it is fitting that Omer Klein's solo piano album begins with a drum solo. Sitting down at the drum set, he introduces his forte with hands on drums and a personalized muffle that contains the basic building blocks of life: Heart Beats. Elsewhere, he spends his time at ...


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Enter the Smalls Records Five CD Giveaway Contest

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Omer Klein: Introducing Omer Klein

Read "Introducing Omer Klein" reviewed by Elliott Simon

New York's Smalls club has been the launching pad for an inordinate amount of jazz artists that belies its diminutive square footage. One segment of their territory is an Israeli-American jazz connection that has produced a culture of premier artists who have gone on to influence the broader jazz community. Pianist Omer Klein is part of ...


Omer Klein: Introducing Omer Klein

Read "Introducing Omer Klein" reviewed by John Barron

Since receiving a scholarship to study at the New England Conservatory of Music, Israeli born pianist Omer Klein has amassed an impressive resume in the U.S. After moving to New York in 2006, the twenty-five year old musician began working with an impressive list of artists, including Joel Frahm, Clarence Penn, Ben Street and Donny McCaslin. ...


Omer Klein - Haggai Cohen Milo: Duet

Read "Duet" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Entrambi musicisti israeliani negli USA per ragioni di studio, il pianista Omer Klein e il contrabbassista Haggai Cohen Milo hanno lungamente suonato assieme prima di registrare questo lavoro, nel quale trova testimonianza il loro interplay, ma anche la loro amicizia. Ottimi specialisti dei rispettivi strumenti, Klein e Cohen Milo traggono proprio dalle loro qualità strumentali buona parte del fascino che ...