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Big in Japan, Part 2: Osaka & the Eri Yamamoto Connection

Read "Big in Japan, Part 2: Osaka & the Eri Yamamoto Connection" reviewed by Karl Ackermann

Part 1 | Part 2

In Part 1 of Big in Japan we looked at the early history of jazz music in that country--a history that dates back to the same time frame as the Jazz Age in the United States. The influence of American dance music was indisputable but it came to Japan ...


Eri Yamamoto: The Poet’s Touch

Read "Eri Yamamoto: The Poet’s Touch" reviewed by Jakob Baekgaard

One of the many places to go if you want to listen to jazz in New York is Arthur's Tavern. The special thing about that place is not that it is a jazz bar, but the fact that the same piano trio has played there for nearly 20 years. The name of the trio is Eri ...


Daniel Carter, Federico Ughi: Extra Room

Read "Extra Room" reviewed by Alberto Bazzurro

Daniel Carter, settantenne polistrumentista originario della Pennsylvania, e Federico Ughi, quarantatreenne batterista romano, da quindici anni di stanza a New York, confezionano un doppio CD in due volumi separati raccogliendovi un totale di diciannove brani liberamente improvvisati nel corso di un'unica seduta d'incisione alla fine del 2012.

La sovrabbondanza del materiale avrebbe forse ...


Daniel Carter, William Parker, Federico Ughi: Navajo Sunrise

Read "Navajo Sunrise" reviewed by Vincenzo Roggero

Il 19 dicembre 2010 presso l'Area Sismica di Forlì il trio composto da Daniel Carter, storico altista della scena free newyorchese, da William Parker, gigante del contrabbasso, e da Federico Ughi, batterista nato a Roma residente da oltre dieci anni a New York, dà vita ad un concerto entusiasmante, per intensità, compattezza, osmotico interplay, brillantezza espressiva. ...


The Moon: Good and Evil

Read "Good and Evil" reviewed by Vincenzo Roggero

Chilometri e chilometri macinati in auto tra Canada, Midwest, East Coast, esibizioni in location le più disparate tra centri d'arte e bar sportivi, oltre che un'affinità elettiva scattata al primo incontro, sono i presupposti che hanno portato Adam Caine, chitarrista di Rochester, NY, e Federico Ughi, batterista romano, dal 2000 residente a Brooklyn, a incidere Good ...


Mark Corroto's Best Releases Of 2013

Read "Mark Corroto's Best Releases Of 2013" reviewed by Mark Corroto

So many records, so little time. This sweet dilemma, I repeat again this year. Below are my top spins for 2013 (in no particular order). I've certainly missed a few gems, and I'll be trying to catch up on those during the cold of winter and probably through early spring...

Matana ...


Navajo Sunrise The New Album By Daniel Carter, William Parker and Federico Ughi

Navajo Sunrise The New Album By Daniel Carter, William Parker and Federico Ughi

Navajo Sunrise (RRJ1016 Rudi Records, 2013) by Daniel Carter, William Parker and Federico Ughi Daniel Carter: alto sax
William Parker:, bass, shakuhachi
Federico Ughi: drums Daniel Carter's relaxed phrasing moves naturally between Parker's earthly bass sound and Ughi's sensitive drumming. This trio's music seems to be possessed by a light and welcoming spirit. A ...


William Parker Launches New Monday Jazz Series At Quinn's, New Music Venue In Beacon, NY On October 7 at 8 Pm

William Parker Launches New Monday Jazz Series At Quinn's, New Music Venue In Beacon, NY On October 7 at 8 Pm

The new Beacon, NY music venue, Quinn's, is proud to announce a new series of jazz sessions taking place every Monday night beginning in October. Hosted and curated by local musician James Keepnews, this series will present the finest and most cutting- edge artists at work in the music today, both regionally and internationally. For these Monday night jazz performances at ...


Federico Ughi Quartet: Federico Ughi Quartet

Read "Federico Ughi Quartet" reviewed by Florence Wetzel

The Federico Ughi Quartet is part of the lineage that continues to emerge from saxophonist Ornette Coleman. Ughi's work embodies a range of disparate influences, including classical music and Italian folk tunes, but in the quartet's eponymous release Ughi pays homage to Coleman's spiritual, philosophical, and musical influence. The quartet even mirrors Coleman's archetypal two-horn-bass-drums lineup, ...

Art Strike!

Read "Art Strike!" reviewed by Mark Corroto

"Would you support an art strike?" That's the question I've been asking musicians for the past few months. “Will you agree to stop writing and performing music for one year?" In 1990 the London artists Stewart Home and Mark Pawson proposed that all artists cease to “make, exhibit, distribute, sell, or discuss their work" for three ...