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Barrett Martin: Transcendence

Read "Transcendence" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

Former Grammy Award winner Barrett Martin is a musical renaissance man. He's a busy session artist for film, TV, and has supported name acts amid his membership in several rock bands. However, Martin's compositional skills shine on this revved-up outing that is reminiscent of the burgeoning jazz fusion scene of the 1970s, when musicians integrated rock, ...


Tania Giannouli Ensemble: Transcendence

Read "Transcendence" reviewed by Eyal Hareuveni

Athens-based composer-pianist Tania Giannouli's main area of interest is mixed-media--combining music with poetic texts, visuals, theater plays or art installations. Similarly, Giannouli compositions for her sophomore album Transcendence (after Forest Stories, a duet with Portuguese reed player Paulo Chagas, Rattle Records, 2011) blends elements from her classically-trained background, contemporary music, and European chamber jazz--inspired by the ...

Jaimeo Brown: Transcendence

Read "Transcendence" reviewed by Angelo Leonardi

Al suo debutto discografico come leader Jaimeo Brown ha relizzato una delle opere più intense, originali e appassionanti del 2013. Un concept album che abbraccia il passato e il presente della cultura afro-americana, inglobando suggestioni geograficamente distanti (come quella indiana) in un percorso capace di coniugare feeling e controllo della forma.
Il trentaquattrenne batterista non ...


Motema Takes Flight With Steady Stream of Breakthrough Albums

Motéma Music's tenth anniversary year is in full swing, and as the summer heats up, the Harlem-based label has much cause for celebration. The month of July kicked off with vibraphonist Joe Locke's May release Lay Down My Heart, spending two weeks in the #1 slot on the Jazz Week chart. For the week of July ...

Jaimeo Brown: Transcendence

Read "Transcendence" reviewed by Mark F. Turner

One of the more thought-provoking releases to come along this year, drummer Jaimeo Brown's Transcendence is an ethnomusicology patchwork with elements of the blues, gospel, rock, and modern jazz. Inspired by Gee's Bend, Alabama--an African American rural community formed in the early 1800's that is steeped in vibrant music and art--Brown's project conjures the voices of ...

Ras Moshe: Transcendence

Read "Transcendence" reviewed by Robert Iannapollo

Saxophonist Ras Moshe has been gradually making a name for himself as one of the best of the fiery saxophonists of the New York underground. He's released a series of limited edition live recordings on the Utech label that have impressed those who have heard them (unfortunately a small number of people). Now comes Transcendence on ...


Larry Martus: Transcendence

Read "Transcendence" reviewed by Budd Kopman

Solo recordings have to overcome extra hurdles in order to maintain listener interest. Single-line instruments like the saxophone tend to have the most difficulty because of their limited timbral range and inability to maintain an independent accompanying line. The piano is naturally the most flexible, allowing independent hands to work, but it also has timbral limitations. ...

Larry Martus: Transcendence

Read "Transcendence" reviewed by Jim Santella

Solo jazz guitar from a straight-ahead perspective can work wonders for the soul. As Larry Martus interprets his program of original compositions, you can feel the smooth vibrations sinking in. Transcendence, the guitarist's debut album, finds him journeying through the blues, moody swing, and traces of classical Spanish guitar.

In Martus' hands, the guitar ...