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The US Festival 1982: The US Generation

Read "The US Festival 1982: The US Generation" reviewed by Doug Collette

Various Artists
The US Festival 1982
MVD Entertainment Group

By title alone, The US Festival of 1982 might seem light years removed from the abiding fascination with festivals now pervading our culture. But if director Glenn Aveni's ninety-minutes plus documentary proves anything, it's that this event founded and sponsored by ...


Chris Hillman: The Asylum Years

Read "The Asylum Years" reviewed by Doug Collette

Chris Hillman is a rare musical artist indeed. Not only is he a multi-instrumentalist as capable as he is versatile plus an engaging lead and harmony singer, he's also a songwriter well-versed in a range of music including folk, rock, bluegrass and country. Of equal and perhaps even greater importance is Hillman's ability to forge a ...


The Searchers: Another Night: The Sire Recordings 1979-1981

Read "Another Night: The Sire Recordings 1979-1981" reviewed by Doug Collette

Even if its total run time of two hours approximate doesn't exactly constitute a voluminous collection deserving the appellation 'deluxe,' The Searchers' Another Night: The Sire Years 1979-1981 is nevertheless the absolute definition of a comprehensive anthology. It contains not only the entirety of the two albums this seminal Merseybeat band recorded at the label home ...


Dustbowl Revival at Sweetwater Union High School

Read "Dustbowl Revival at Sweetwater Union High School" reviewed by Jim Worsley

Dustbowl Revival
AMSDconcert series
San Diego CA
October 7, 2017

To my knowledge there is no All About Jazz All About Rock All About Roots All About Americana All About Blues All About Country All About Folk All About Funk website. So I hereby claim Dustbowl Revival for ...


Little Steven & The Disciples of Soul at the Paramount

Read "Little Steven & The Disciples of Soul at the Paramount" reviewed by Mike Perciaccante

Little Steven & The Disciples of Soul
The Paramount
Huntington, NY
October 4, 2017

Ace sideman, actor, disc jockey, label chief, social activist, philanthropist, solo superstar. There really is nothing that Little Steven can't do. Born Steven Lento in Boston, MA in 1950. He lived in Watertown, MA until 1957, when ...


Tom Petty’s Music Genome And His Legacy-Defining Traits

Tom Petty’s Music Genome And His Legacy-Defining Traits

Following Tom Petty's passing on Monday, numerous obituaries and remembrances have been released, often similarly describing his music as a 'soundtrack for the road." Here we look at some of the traits most common to Petty's music and which helped to make it so compelling. Guest post by Glenn Peoples, Music Insights and Analytics at Pandora, from Medium In the wake ...


Tom Petty’s MusiCares Speech: "I joined the conspiracy to put black music on the popular white radio."

Tom Petty’s MusiCares Speech: "I joined the conspiracy to put black music on the popular white radio."

On the 10th of February, Tom Petty of Heartbreaker fame was honored as MusiCares Person of the Year, owing to both his accomplishments as an artist and for his long history of significant charity work and efforts defending artists' rights. Here we look at a transcript of his speech following the award. By Tom Petty posted by the ...


Peter Case: Peter Case

Read "Peter Case: Peter Case" reviewed by Doug Collette

The music on Peter Case's debut solo album is as pure and straightforward as the title of this eponymous work. And that's even taking into account the layered approach T Bone Burnett applied in one of his earliest production jobs. The seven bonus tracks illustrate how both this original material of Case's stands strong on its ...


The Traveling Wilburys Collection

Read "The Traveling Wilburys Collection" reviewed by Doug Collette

It's very safe to say there's never been a band like the Traveling Wilburys and equally fair to state no such band has been regarded as they have, either at the time of their inception or with the benefit of hindsight as afforded by the comprehensive package that is The Traveling Wilburys Collection.

Yet ...


Singer/Songwriter Bill Rotella Recalls Tom Petty And Roger McGuinn On New Solo CD

Breaking up may be hard to do, but it can be pointedly humorous as well. “I can’t hide the tears/That I never cried,” confesses singer/songwriter Bill Rotella on “When You Left Everything Went Right,” the first single from his latest album, All Roads Lead Home. In the early ‘80s, Rotella was a founding member of Baywood, ...