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Big Bands of the 1950s (1950 - 1957)

Read "Big Bands of the 1950s (1950 - 1957)" reviewed by Russell Perry

Woody Herman disbanded the Second Herd in 1949 and, while Stan Kenton and Duke Ellington managed to keep a big band on the road through the 1950s, Count Basie disbanded his band at the start of the decade but assembled a new one in a few years. Generally this was a tough period for large ensembles. ...


XY Quartet: Orbite

Read "Orbite" reviewed by Giuseppe Segala

La musica apparecchiata in questo Orbite, ultimo lavoro dell'XY Quartet pubblicato dalla raffinata etichetta autogestita, si ispira all'epopea dei viaggi nello spazio. Ne sono evidente conferma i titoli dei brani, che propongono il nome di mitici cosmonauti protagonisti di storiche imprese spaziali, come i sovietici “Titov," “Gagarin," “Valentina Tereškova," “Vladimir Komarov," gli statunitensi “John Glenn," ...


Charles Mingus and Miles Davis: Changing Moods

Read "Charles Mingus and Miles Davis: Changing Moods" reviewed by Mark Werlin

The recordings of Charles Mingus in the mid-1950s document a musical voice so distinctive that they are immediately recognizable today. But Mingus' obsessive commitment to the primacy of the composition was not always shared by his peers, nor understood by his critics.

A public feud between Mingus, who was struggling unsuccessfully to win critical ...


Teddy Charles: New Directions

Teddy Charles: New Directions

Vibraphonist Teddy Charles was playing free jazz nearly as early as Lee Konitz, Lennie Tristano, Billy Bauer and Gil Melle. In 1951, '52 and '53, Teddy recorded a series of three 10-inch LPs for Prestige in the trio, quartet and quintet formats. I was thinking of Teddy yesterday and gave them a listen, finding the material ...


Phil Woods: 1931-2015

Read "Phil Woods: 1931-2015" reviewed by AAJ Staff

In memory of NEA Jazz Master, Phil Woods. This article was previously published in November 2002.

All About Jazz: Looking back on the almost three decade history of your Quintet, one question springs immediately to mind. You've had the same rhythm section of Steve Gilmore on bass and Bill Goodwin on drums ever since ...


The Third Annual World Vibes Congress Creates Waves in Asbury Park

Read "The Third Annual World Vibes Congress Creates Waves in Asbury Park" reviewed by Gloria Krolak

Another epic gathering of vibraphone players was uncorked and, like Champagne on New Year's Eve, this bubbly was not staying in the bottle. Part of the Third World Vibes Congress, the jam exploded at the packed Langosta Lounge and Restaurant on Asbury Park's boardwalk early in January. Pairs of vibes players, many of whom had never ...


Jason Adasiewicz's Sun Rooms: From the Region

Read "From the Region" reviewed by Luca Canini

Ne ha fatta di strada il barbuto Jason Adasiewicz da quando, anno di grazia 2010, il disco d'esordio del trio Sun Rooms gli fruttò l'iscrizione di diritto all'albo dei grandi. Nelle fila dell'Exploding Star Orchestra, nel quintetto Sound Is e nel trio Starlicker di Rob Mazurek, faccia a faccia con Peter Brotzmann, in allegra compagnia nel ...


Teddy Charles: la rotta di un navigatore dimenticato

Read "Teddy Charles: la rotta di un navigatore dimenticato" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Il 16 aprile 2012 moriva all'età di 84 anni Teddy Charles, uno dei massimi vibrafonisti della storia del jazz e un compositore innovativo ingiustamente sottovalutato. A un anno di distanza sentiamo doveroso ricordare il suo percorso artistico ed esistenziale, augurandoci che il contributo che ha dato allo sviluppo del jazz moderno non venga dimenticato. Strumentista, compositore e produttore discografico, Teddy ...


Is Jazz Dead? Or Is It Just Pining for the Fjords?

Read "Is Jazz Dead?  Or Is It Just Pining for the Fjords?" reviewed by Duncan Heining

Is Jazz Dead? (Or Has It Moved to a New Address?)

Stuart Nicholson

288 pages, softcover

ISBN: 978-0415975834



Stuart Nicholson's Is Jazz Dead? (Or Has It Moved To A New Address?) came out in 2005 and has proved a remarkably successful book for both author and his publisher. ...


Teddy Charles: (1928-2012)

Teddy Charles: (1928-2012)

Teddy Charles, a hard-swinging four-mallet vibraphonist, composer, pianist and player-producer who in the late 1940s and early '50s transformed the steel-plated instrument into a cooler, jazz-classical protagonist, died on April 16, He was 84.   Trained at the Juilliard School of Music, Teddy was able to reach effortlessly into modern classical music theory and deploy modal scales ...