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Jennifer Wharton's Bonegasm: Bonegasm

Read "Bonegasm" reviewed by Dan Bilawsky

The bass trombone occupies a unique niche, serving as that most powerful of pedal peddlers, the anchor of a big band's brass section, and the ballast stabilizing harmonies. Unfortunately, the instrument also holds status as a seriously pigeonholed force. While you can't argue with the usefulness of its robust, below-the-staff whole notes, this horn is made ...


David Neves: Progress Report

Read "Progress Report" reviewed by Dan McClenaghan

At twenty-five years of age, Boston-based trumpeter David Neves can't be expected to boast a big recorded with/played with resume. But he can boast a first rate education--Berklee and the New England Conservatory. And with his Progress Report, a marvelous debut as leader, Neves blows way beyond expectations for a new kid on the block.


Cristina Pato: Migrations

Read "Migrations" reviewed by Neri Pollastri

La spagnola Cristina Pato, pianista, flautista, cantante ma soprattutto suonatrice di cornamusa galiziana (gaita), guida qui un gruppo composito che ha per base un quartetto (oltre a lei ci sono la fisarmonica di Victor Prieto, galiziano di Orense come la Pato, il contrabbasso di Edward Perez e la batteria di Eric Doob) e un gran numero ...


Arturo Stable: Cuban Crosshatching

Read "Cuban Crosshatching" reviewed by Mark F. Turner

Seemingly under no duress to prove himself, exceptional percussionist Arturo Stable exudes confidence in any number of situations, whether playing with the great Paquito D'Rivera, adding rhythmic Cuban flavors to the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra or leading his own band in its memorable 2007 debut, Notes On Canvas (Origen Records). A conceptualist who incorporates ethnic music with ...


Ilia Skibinsky: The Passage

Read "The Passage" reviewed by Dan Bilawsky

Saxophonist David Binney's Mythology Records imprint is used sparingly, but when this maverick music man chooses to release albums under its banner, they tend to be bold and brimming with the excitement of the unknown; The Passage is no exception. With this debut, Russian-born/Israeli-bred/New York-based saxophonist/composer Ilia Skibinsky joins the elite Mythology roster, which includes post- ...


Xavier Casellas NY Quintet @ Zinc Bar In New York City

Xavier Casellas NY Quintet @ Zinc Bar In New York City

(Presenting “Unguarded Smiles") Xavier Casellas, voice & lyrics
Emlio Solla, piano & arrangements
Nate Radley, guitar
Edward Perez, double bass
Greg Ritchie, drums "Catalan jazz vocalist Xavier Casellas, after a first album as leader that took him to present it at 38th Voll Damm Barcelona ...


Greg Diamond: Conduit

Read "Conduit" reviewed by Edward Blanco

New York guitarist Greg Diamond follows up his well-received debut, Dancando Com Ale (Self Produced, 2008), with the equally impressive Conduit--a session of contemporary modern jazz infused with Latin rhythms and elements of jazz-rock fusion, funk, bebop and a touch of the blues. The music is a hodgepodge of different influences, melding nicely into one superb ...


Daniel Smith: Blue Bassoon

Read "Blue Bassoon" reviewed by Dan Bilawsky

When many people hear discussions about the bassoon, they are far more likely to think of “Peter And The Wolf" than Charlie Parker and Wayne Shorter tunes. While jazz is open to any-and-all-comers in every instrument family, the technical demands of the bassoon--an unwieldy double reed instrument that rarely leaves the confines of classical music--and its ...


Greg Diamond: Dancando Com Ale

Read "Dancando Com Ale" reviewed by Raul d'Gama Rose

The intended program that an artist brings to a recording date is usually a good measure of his or her maturity and confidence. For instance, to begin a record with a song that is complex, harmonically and rhythmically bodes well for what is to follow. Guitarist Greg Diamond thought it fitting to begin Dancando Com Ale ...