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Bennie Green: Soul Stirrin’ - 1958

Read "Bennie Green: Soul Stirrin’ - 1958" reviewed by Marc Davis

In the 1950s, Blue Note was a reliable bastion of hard bop. Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers set the tone, and dozens of artists--some famous, some not--followed. But Blue Note also had small oases of not-bop, often by artists you've never heard of.

Bennie Green is one of those guys, and if you ...


Ike Quebec: Easy Living

Read "Easy Living" reviewed by Greg Simmons

Ike Quebec is one of those funny figures in Blue Note Records' history. By the late fifties, after he'd been out of recording for a number of years, he was too old to really be at the hard-bop vanguard (he was born in 1918) but not old enough to be a senior statesman like Coleman Hawkins ...


Eddy Williams and Bennie Green

Eddy Williams and Bennie Green

So little is known about tenor saxophonist Eddie Williams that his Wikipedia entry simply lists his birth date as “(ca. 1910)." It doesn't help that Williams appeared on only 21 known jazz recording sessions—from 1927 to 1961. But the jazz albums on which Williams appeared are uniformly superb, particularly the two he made with trombonist Bennie ...


Take Five With Jay Vonada

Read "Take Five With Jay Vonada" reviewed by Jay T. Vonada

Meet Jay Vonada:
Trombonist Jay T. Vonada, of Aaronsburg Pennsylvania, had his debut CD, Jammin', released on Tuesday July 22, 2008. His latest CD, Red Pajamas, was released in January of 2012 and features trombone, organ and drums.

Vonada attended Mansfield University in the fall of 1993, studying jazz improvisation with Dr. Michael ...


Take Five With Dan Barnett

Read "Take Five With Dan Barnett" reviewed by AAJ Staff

Meet Dan Barnett:

Dan has worked and recorded with some of the greats in Australian and world music such as James Morrison, Will Calhoun, Tom Burlinson, Barbara Morrison, Mark Murphy, Bob Barnard, Dan Barrett, Tom Baker, Bob Montgomery, George Washingmachine, Emma Pask, Judy Carmichael, Janet Seidel, Don Burrows, George Golla, Evan Christopher, David Paquette, Judy ...


Bennie Green: Mosaic Select 3: Bennie Green

Read "Mosaic Select 3: Bennie Green" reviewed by C. Andrew Hovan

As Mosaic’s ingenious new series of reissues continues, we come to an artist where the approach seems certainly tailor made. Trombone man Bennie Green bridged the gap between swing era stylists and bop practitioners, making him somewhat of an enigma in the eyes and ears of the casual jazz follower. As such, he has not received ...